Monday, April 14, 2014

What We Did This Weekend

~Caleb and Brooke both made 100's on their spelling tests.

~Went on a Sam's shopping trip with Mom.. thankful she has a membership! Was able to get a huge box of pretzels for Rachel's class party this week.

~Had lunch with Mom and Dad at El Paso. I don't get to see my parents as much anymore, so it was a lot of fun.

~We went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom Friday evening.  Hadn't been in forever! I also found out that they do birthday parties there. May be a potential idea for Caleb's party this Summer!

~I got my hair chopped off! I love it so much better short. I also got bangs. I am getting used to having something falling in my face now!

~Finally found Rachel's Easter dress! Ordered it off Amazon, and it should be here just in time. Now to find one for Brooke! I wanted matching, but they didn't have one in her size.

~Stuffed a bunch of Easter eggs for the kids' class parties. I am tempted to eat Sour Patch bunnies as I am working on the eggs!

~Finished reading "Hands Free Mama." Awesome book! I would recommend it it any mom. About how little time we really have with our kids, and making the moments count.

~Stayed up waaay too late Saturday night watching re-runs of The Office on Netflix! Anytime I am in a bad mood, Michael Scott cheers me right up! That show makes me want to work in an office. But Arnold says it really isn't like that! :(

~Worked in the baby class at church on Sunday morning. Got trampled on by babies, and drool all over my shirt and necklace! But I loved every minute of it!

~Went to Lowe's to pick up things we were needing for the yard. We are putting up a new mailbox! I guess that is my fault.. that I ran over our old one to begin with.. oops! 

~Caleb lost his 5th tooth. It popped right off when we were out to lunch on Sunday. Arnold kept it in his shirt pocket for safe keeping, but Caleb ended up losing it later anyway!

~Took the kids to an egg hunt at a local park. They ran around crazy and had a lot of fun. We did NOT stay to meet the Easter Bunny.. the line was way too long. Turns out he was a pretty "creepy" bunny anyway!

~Watched our new fave show, Resurrection! That show gets crazier every week!

~I helped Arnold cut his hair! I buzzed off the back since he can't see back there. I have never cut anyone's hair so I was afraid I would mess it up.. but I think it looks ok :)

Dad and I at lunch on Friday. I think he gets irritated by how many selfies I take with us :)

The kids at Mellow Mushroom Friday night. This is their typical behavior! ;)

My new hair!

Rachel riding around at Lowe's on Sunday! She said she is tired of going to that store!

Caleb has now lost 5 teeth! He misplaced his tooth and was worried the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come! 

At the Egg Hunt on Sunday

My beautiful Rachel!

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