Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend in Review

I had such a good time this past weekend. Can't remember a weekend I had so much fun in a long time! Friday evening we went out to celebrate my BFF Jess' birthday. She was having a dinner at Applebee's. But I went out shopping earlier with my friend, Erika. We first went to TJ Maxx to get Sheldon a new dog bed, because his last one had been torn up. Then to Kohl's to get some new sandals, because he chewed those up, too :( While we were there we looked around for some new clothes, but couldn't find anything. And have you noticed lately everything is either so SHORT, so TIGHT or no sleeves on anything? I may sound old, but it is just so hard to find something that looks good on me. So we had a little more time to kill, so we went over to Jc Penney at the mall. We found several things that were cute, and we went to try them on. It was a success! I found some white capris and two new tops, and Erika found a dress to wear to her brother's wedding this summer. I was so happy. We also found some jewelry to match.. and at the last minute Erika found some more sandals. We then realized how soon we had to be at dinner, and had to hurry out of there. Thank goodness because I could have spent a lot more money! I think my debit card was smoking! (Sorry honey :( haha. 

After we got everything loaded up in the van we headed over to Applebee's. It was just the four of us, but we had a great time, still. We ate dinner (chicken fajita rollup like usual for me!) and then had some cake. Jess had brought a long a "confetti" cake and it was really yummy! The people sitting beside us were really nice and joked about wanting our cake. And the ended up taking a group picture for us at the end of the night :) After dinner we decided we weren't done shopping so we went over to the mall again. Erika ended up buying a purse that I loooooved but I didn't want to spend any more money on myself! We have very similar taste and are known to buy the same things ;) Then we went to Bath and Body Works where I did not spend any money (yay me) and then to Crazy 8.. which I can never resist.. and bought the girls new dresses. To be fair they were on sale and ADORABLE!!!! ;) After that everyone else had to go but I stopped off at Barnes and Noble before I went home.. and found me yet another new book to read.. then over to Walmart to pick up a few things we needed. WHY oh why is Walmart so packed at 10:00 at night?! I can never understand! And all the teenagers around here think it is cool to hang out at Taco Bell right beside it.. every weekend! There was so much traffic it was ridiculous. I was screaming at them and saying how I needed to get home because it was late... then realized how old I sounded ;) Oh well.

Saturday we got ready and went over to the park.. a moms' group I am a part of was having a big party and egg hunt.. but there was not a SINGLE parking spot anywhere! So after driving around forever we just decided to leave. The kids were really bummed out about that. We decided to go get some lunch, so we tried a new place called "Which Wich." Well I was not impressed at all. First off they don't even list the prices out anywhere, so you don't know what you are getting into. The sandwiches are ok, but they aren't anything special. We ended up paying $36!!!! For lunch!!! For sandwiches!!! I mean for goodness sake, the kids had tiny peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The tea wasn't even that great, either. So yeaaaah, we won't be going back there again. After that we went to Hallmark, Party city, and a few other places to look around to kill some time before we dropped the kids off at Mom and Dad's.

Around 4pm we dropped the kids off at Mom and Dad's so we could have a date night! I ended up wearing one of my new outfits i had bought the night before. We went to see the movie God's Not Dead. We had been wanting to see it for a long time but hadn't had the chance yet. We ended up getting a great time slot.. at 4:40 pm, and it wasn't that crazy busy. The movie was amazing. At first it jumped around a lot and you had to figure out who everyone was. But there were so many parts that gave me chill bumps all over! And a few parts that were rough to watch and I teared up bigtime. It had such a good message and I hope it changed a lot of people's lives who went to see it. The ending was sort of a surprise.. but it still was pretty powerful. I would recommend everyone going to see it. I heard our town was one of the highest sellers on tickets for that movie! Anyway, after the movie we were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. Everywhere was busy, so we went to Sbarros in the mall to get pizza. Did yall know they closed down???? Yeah.. so then we went to Mellow Mushroom and they were packed. So after driving around forever we finally got fast food and went home to watch old reruns of The Big Bang Theory ;) Gotta love it. But we still had a wonderful night and we got a whole night's rest and slept in and it was amazing!!

Sunday morning after sleeping in, Arnold did some yardwork and I cleaned up some inside. Then we went to pick up the kids at Mom and Dad's around 11am. They had gone to church with them and Mom said they did a great job and behaved, so I was happy about that! After picking up all their stuff all over the house, we left and went to Lowe's. Arnold had to get some stuff.. he has been doing a lot of projects around here lately. He put up a new mailbox for us this weekend and it looks great! Our old one fell down.. might have been my fault.. oops ;) Then we went to the receiving for a friend of his, from work. He died last week from on-going health issues. He was only 40 and leaves behind two young children :( His wife was holding it together pretty well, considering. I felt so bad for her. I cannot imagine going through the loss of a spouse, especially that early in life! After the receiving we went to Target to get some groceries. The kids did pretty well while we were in there, so we said they could get ICEEs before we left. Plus, I wanted to try their new Pina Colada icee.. yeah it wasn't that great! :( I really hope Taco Bell puts out their Pina Colada Freeze drinks again this summer because they are awesome! 

So that about sums up our weekend.. I can't believe we did that much until I wrote it all out and it took me forever! I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead! :)

The girls out to dinner for Jess' birthday :)

My presents to Jess.. a cute fox cup and gourmet oreos! They are delicious! 

Erika and I.. we both wore pink and white but didn't plan it! I told you that we just think so much alike that it is scary! ;)

Doing some shopping after dinner at the mall.

Date night with my hubby! :)

Sheldon in his new bed! Right after this he tore a hole and pulled the fluff out! I swear, I am not going to buy that dog anything again! Grrr.

Out on Sunday. Dark picture.. but the girls are wearing their new Crazy 8 dresses! Love them!

Brooke climbing trees at Grandma's house again! 

Rachel just relaxing in the grass!

Rachel posing with my new yard flag! Arnold put it up for me.. and my first flag was OWLS of course ;)

Brooke with her new Monster High Doll. Kmart near us is closing down soon and all their stuff is getting clearanced out. All the kids got a little something and we also found some other things.

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