Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day Wishlist

Every holiday or special occasion I usually make a wish list, just for fun. I don't really expect anything when it comes down to it, but it's fun to make a list. Especially when you are a mom and you don't really buy stuff for yourself often. You are used to always buying stuff for the kids! Which is a lot of fun.. don't get me wrong. But usually around Mother's Day my hubby and mom ask me what I'm wanting anyway.. so it's fun to think of things.. 

But to be honest, I'd be perfectly happy with any of the above that don't even cost money (or much)--
-Sleeping in!!!!!
-A day out with friends to see a movie and get nails done
-Keep the kids out of my hair for an afternoon so I can read and rest!
-A whole day of no fighting, yelling, whining (that is up to the kids!)
-The whole house cleaned up (without me having to help!) Or the van!!!
-And of course, a homemade card from the kids with sweet messages written in their scribbly handwriting, that I can look back at when they are teenagers and don't like me very much! ;)

Anyway... here is my list for this year.... Hint Hint Arnold!! ;)

Another Duck Dynasty book? Yes please. Jase wrote this one. And perfect timing, it is coming out the week of Mother's Day!! 

Now that I have a flag stand put up in the yard, I can change out my flags! I love these from Kirklands that have your Monogram on them. Just find me a "D" and we're good! 

A bunch of my friends have one of these, and I'd love to get one eventually.. an Origami Owl necklace! You can personalize it with the charms/colors, etc that you want!

This cute little guy from Kirklands.. or anything owl, really ;)

A new case for my cellphone. I still have the one on that I put on when I got it.. it's looking pretty beat up. I like the covers with cute designs on them.

I already posted this on Facebook, but I'm really wanting this Lily Bloom purse... in the bird print. I saw it at Sears the other night. Erika already got it, so we could match ;)

It's the time of year for sandals! These from Target are especially cute. I will just have to be extra careful to keep them away from Sheldon since he loves to eat shoes these days!

I have gotten into wearing the "infinity" scarves. Love the lightweight ones you can wear even in the summertime! I don't have a purple one yet! ;)

And lastly.. you can never go wrong with Bath and Body Works wallflowers. I love plugging them in, in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. They smell amazing! And the owl plugin is cute too ;)

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