Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Well Spring break week is finally coming to an end. I love my kids very much, but thank goodness this week is almost over! I have heard more fighting and cleaned up more messes than I'd like to admit. No matter how much you have to do around here there are always days where they are just plain bored and wish they could be back with their friends. So here is hoping the weekend goes smoothly and the teachers are ready to have them back on Monday! ;) Here is some of what we have been doing this week...

~Eating dinner at Village Inn with the Stamey family on Monday night. We go often now on Mondays because ya know.. kids eat free! And it's a big deal when you have 3 kids eating!

~Playing with all the toys they got in their Easter baskets. 

~Watching Frozen.. which we bought when it came out and saved for Easter. Singing all the songs all over again and laughing at that silly talking snowman, Olaf. It really is a good movie ;)

~Sneezing our heads off because the pollen is TERRIBLE this year and every time we go outside, even for 2 minutes, we are attacked. All of us have bad allergy problems this year.

~Drawing pictures all over the sidewalk with our new sidewalk chalk. Fighting over the best colors. And somehow my front door got drawn on too????

~Lots of long days/evenings for Arnold at work this week. He had to train some customers that came into town. He had to go to a business dinner one night. He fell asleep on me just about every night we were hanging out and watching tv! Poor guy.

~Lots of catching up on tv now that we have cable! I was so excited Tuesday evening.. I sat on my butt and watched TLC for several hours. I am now caught up with 19 Kids and Counting, and The Little Couple.

~Reading a new book called "Rhinestone Jesus." Well I did.. not the kids, haha. Another book written by a blogger. It was GREAT. She is a mother who wrote about diving deeper into your faith and connection to Jesus, and not just calling yourself a Christian, but living it. She and her husband opened up a nonprofit house to help young mothers, in Africa. Very good read if you are looking for your next book! :)

~Booking Rachel's birthday party! Were able to get the park right down the road from us. It is a pretty new park and really nice. They even have a building with air conditioning, which is going to be great since everyone is always drowning in sweat at her birthday parties! Now to get to work on serious planning for her Lalaloopsy theme!

~Having an advernture at the thrift store.. haha. Every thursday evening after I work at the Pregnancy Care Center I go down there to see what new stuff they got in. There is a lot of junk, but if you look carefully you can find some awesome stuff most times! I mostly go in for books for me and the kids, owl stuff for my collection, etc. But this week I found some great stuff. A dress and romper for Rachel.. the dress seriously looked new! A "build a bear" alligator, and a strawberry shortcake shopping cart for Rachel. 

~Buying discount Easter candy from Target... thank goodness for those after-holiday sales! Half price bags of whopper eggs, bunny ear kit kats, and white chocolate cadbury mini eggs. Ohhhh yummy.

~Also buying me and Rachel new sandals from Target. Found those same sandals (mine) chewed up 2 days later by Sheldon!!!!!!!!! I was sooo mad. First off, I don't get myself new shoes often. I found a pair that were really cute, and they were the last pair in my size too.. display pair actually. So I know I can't go back and get a replacement pair! Second, I had them put up in my room and Sheldon slept in my bed so when did he find time to chew them?! SNEAKY SNEAKY dog!!! He better be glad he is cute!!!

~Going to the movies with friends to see Rio 2. Honestly I don't care for most kids' movies.. so I wasn't too thrilled to be there, but I knew the kids would have fun. But as we all know, it didn't go as planned. Brooke was bored half the time and complaining I didn't bring more candy, Caleb was slurping his drink and being loud, and Rachel kept alternating between rolling around in her chair and hopping up on my lap. I think I missed half the movie. What I did see was cute I guess. But everytime I take them to the movies I swear to myself I will never, ever take them back again!!!

~Planning a date with Arnold!!! Thankfully Mom and Dad have agreed to watch the kids Saturday night so we can go on a date! And it is much, much needed after this week (for both of us!!) We are going to go to the movies to see "God's Not Dead" and then go out to dinner. And then be able to go home and sleep several hours in row without having to worry about putting kids to sleep, yelling at them to be quiet and lay down, worry about one of them waking up from a bad dream or being lonely and try to get in our bed.. and being woken up at the butt crack of dawn on a weekend! Ohhh it sounds glorious and I can't wait! :)

Kids at the movies on Thursday. 

Arnold was sweet enough to take the kids to the park Thursday evening while I was working at the Pregnancy Care Center. He took me this picture of the kids all on the slide together.

Drawing all over the sidewalk

Yeah this is what you call a total Pinterest FAIL!!!! You guys have seen the pictures where you draw stuff with chalk and add the kids and make it look like something? Well I tried to do that with a balloon. But then Rachel started drawing above my balloon. Then I noticed my shadow was in the way. Then Caleb started screaming because the sun was in his eyes. Not to mention the sidewalk was dirty and covered with leaves from the tree ride beside it. Yeaaaaaah... it was a cute idea... but no.

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