Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend in Review

Friday I went to lunch with my friend, Jessica. She brought baby Liam with her.. he is just the cutest! We went to El Paso and I got chicken fajitas.. no I am not tired of mexican food yet! ;) That afternoon when I picked up the kids from school I was pleasantly surprised that Brooke had made an 100 on her spelling test, and Caleb had gotten an 102! I got them some "surprises" from the basement.. I keep things down there that I buy every so often for things such as this. The Charter guy came out to fix our cables that had come down. We have no idea what happened, but we found them torn down and laying in the neighbors yard. We were without internet and phone for 3 days (which is a major deal around here ;) I had promised poor Brooke a new membership on the Animal Jam game she plays with all her friends, and she waited and waited for the internet to come back on so I would go on their and buy it for her! Now she is happy because she is an "Eagle" now, and that is "cool" because she can fly around instead of walk ;) And I got her the 6-month membership this time, and now she won't bother me about it until September! ;)

That evening she went with her BFF Zoey and her grandparents to a play, so Arnold and I took Caleb and Rachel out for dinner. We went to Ihop and got some yummy breakfast food. Arnold had been having a little bit of a sore throat all week, but he thought it was just sinus issues. Well it got REALLY bad at dinner and he was miserable, so after we were done we went over to the urgent care. They have a really nice newer one and I love the drs there. While we waited on him, I took the kids next door to Mighty Dollar and got them some things to do while we waited. For $7 they were perfectly happy and content while waiting, ha! Turns out Arnold had strep throat! Poor guy. They were surprised he had waited so long to go see a dr, and they said his throat looked "angry" haha. They hooked him up with some medicine and he is feeling better. Since it was still early enough, we went over to Sweet Frog and got some icecream. A little girl was having a birthday party and Rachel was so upset that she couldn't get her face painted... poor thing... lol. But the big Frog girl did come over and say Hi to her, so that was sweet. Lastly we stopped by Kohls to pick up a photo album I was needing for a project, and I also found a cute Easter sign for our front door with a Bunny that says "Hoppy Easter" :)

Saturday morning we got up really early.. I know Arnold hated me for that ;) We had plans to go to 2 local kids' consignment sales. It was so rainy and nasty outside but we went on anyway. This year they weren't as great as in the past (or all the good stuff was mostly gone already) but I did find a few things. Then we met up with Arnold's parents over at Hannah's BBQ for lunch. We took them out to celebrate Pop's retirement. His last official day at work is this Friday. We gave him a gift too.. we had got pictures printed from the surprise party he had at work the day before, and put them in an album for him. And filled a big basket up with his favorite snacks. (when Rachel saw it she kept asking for some of the goodies in the car lol. Can't blame her.. there were stuff like Oreos, popcorn, 3 Musketeer Bars, peanuts, and all sorts of good stuff in there!) The kids also drew him some cards that were so sweet :) We had a great time together.

Saturday evening we went out to celebrate my BFF Erika's birthday. It is actually tomorrow.. but we wanted to go out on the weekend. It was a fun girls' night getaway. I had gone to Walmart and ordered her a cake. I flipped through the book trying to decide what to get, and they had a cake with dogs on it, and she LOVES dogs. She has about a million pets at her house, haha ;) So we all ate dinner, talked, and then had cake. We stayed for 2 hours!! We probably made our waiter mad that we wouldn't leave. But he was pretty good.. bringing us all the stuff we asked for. He even bummed a lighter off another waitress there so I could light Erika's bday candles! :) I had such a good time. Now I can't wait until MY birthday so we can go out and have fun all over again! :)

Sunday morning we went to the early service at church.. it was the 5th Sunday so my week to work in the baby class. We had 5 little girls and guys this week, all under 3 years, so we were busy! One of the little girls is working on potty training, so we headed to the potty a few times. I read several books to the kids with them sprawled out all over my lap. I got spit up on 3 different times... one time landed on my bare foot (ewww) but it was worth it! Love those little guys and gals.. and I love watching them grow up! :) After church we went to Ocharley's. Sundays they have brunch so you can get breakfast food if you want to. Then since we were in the area, we went over to Walmart to do our weekly grocery shopping. Hate going in there but it's the easiest way to get all the stuff you need at once, at good prices! That evening we hung around the house, and after the kids went to bed we watched "Resurrection." The show is starting to get kinda weird, but I am still hooked! And what is up with all the commercials? I swear there isn't much of the actual show at all! Oh well!

Hope everyone has a great week! :)

Don't know why this posted sideways. But isn't it cute?! Perfect cake for my dog-lovin friend. And it tasted great, too! 

All us girls having a great time!

We take BFF selfies every single time we go out! I noticed in this pic that I am starting to show my age in my face! Yikes! When did that happen?????

The kiddos at church on Sunday. Brooke is wearing one of her new Spring dresses. She looks so pretty and grown up here!

Watching my little ones on Sunday morning! 

Out to eat after church

Rachel is always so cheesy ;)

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