Monday, June 30, 2014

They say it's your Birthday...

This weekend I celebrated my birthday! All weekend long. No, my birthday is not technically til tomorrow, but I went out and did lots of things and the weekend was easier! I blame my mother.. she always made a big deal over birthdays, and now I do! 

Anyway, Friday evening I had a girls' night. Unfortunately a lot of my friends were either out of town or sick or something, and couldn't make it, but we still had a good time with the few who came. We went to dinner at Ocharley's. We have been doing that for the past 5 years or so, so it has become a tradition! Joanne surprised me with an OWL birthday cake! It was beautiful and tasted yummy. We had a lot leftover, so we gave a piece to our waiter, who made a big deal over it and said it was the best ever. It was hilarious :) Several people came by our table to comment on the cake, and then wished me a happy birthday ;) It did get called a penguin and a frog though... hmmmm. I was spoiled with a lot of fun gifts, including  a lot of OWL stuff of course. An owl pen, notepad, and mug. And I also got some bath and body works stuff and some Godiva chocolate! Do my friends know me or what?! When we left the restaurant it was raining.. just like last year! Although this year we didn't go skating.. haha. We decided to go to the movies instead. We had some time to kill, so we went to Walmart to walk around. Then finally at 10pm we made our way over to the movies and bought our tickets and filled up the popcorn bucket. We saw "The Fault in our Stars." It is based off a pretty popular book. I read the book and I'll have to say the movie was still pretty good! Everyone kept telling me to take tissues because it would be really sad, and they were right! I didn't get home until nearly 1am and I was exhausted! This mama isn't made for nights like that anymore ;)

The next morning I met mom at my favorite nail place, and we got manicures and pedicures. That is what I told her I wanted for my present! We got there when they first opened and had even put in an appointment, but still had to wait forever! I had only had one pedicure before, and forgot how wonderful they are. Sitting there relaxing your feet in warm water and getting a massage. And then I got my nails painted in red and blue with little white stars. I wanted to be patriotic since it's almost the 4th of July! :) Mom asked me why we don't do this more often, haha! Then mom got a manicure and french tips, but I got nails put on since I bite my nails (gross habit, I know!) and needed some on to look nice. We finally got out of there around 12:45!! We met dad at Olive Garden to have some lunch. I got five cheese ziti, which is one of my favorites. I tried to show off my pretty nails to dad, but he didn't seem very impressed ;) Mom and I made a stop by the mall before I went home. She always gives me a hard time about how I wear flipflops ALL the time and they don't give any "support." She saw a commercial about these flipflops that are actually GOOD for your feet and offer arch support. So she got me a pair. They are pretty.. silver and sparkly and look like normal flipflops just thicker. And much more expensive! But they really do feel good! 

While we were busy, Arnold took the kids swimming with some family. He came back home and we all got ready, then dropped the kids off with his parents. We went to a friend's wedding that night. Arnold had been in a band awhile back, and it was one of the band member's daughters.. I have gotten to know her and be friends.. and so I was excited to see her get married! They had it at their church at 5pm. I love weddings.. they are so sweet and romantic. But now that I have kids I always look into the future and imagine our kids getting married and it makes me sad! I started to cry several times, just couldn't help it! After the ceremony they had a reception with lots of yummy food! We sat down and had dinner and listened to some music. It was fun being out with just Arnold and not having to worry about the kids running around! They had the cutest touches.. a photo booth, coke in glass bottles, picture trees at every table, a delicious wedding cake, and a candy bar.. you could fill up a bag of sweets to take home! We ended up taking home some gumballs and sweettarts for the kids since they hadn't gotten to go ;) It was a beautiful wedding and Jessica looked amazing.. she had a big, poofy dress that was to die for! Congrats Jessica and Nick! We wish you lots of happiness in the years to come! :)

Sunday morning we went to early service at church because I had to work in the baby class. We ended up with about 6 little ones in there. First thing that happened was a blow out that I had to clean up.. fun fun! It had been a long time since I had changed a diaper.. don't miss that at all! ;) We had a good time coloring pictures (even I did one, even though it was scribbled over ;) having snacks, and building towers (which the boys kept tearing down!) After church we went over to mom and dad's for lunch. Mom makes homemade lasanga that is to die for, and she makes it every year on my birthday.. it is a tradition. She even made homemade garlic butter to put on the french bread! The first loaf she burned to a crisp because we weren't paying attention... so dad went and got more. Everything was delicious! and we got to take the leftovers home for dinner. While we waiting on lunch we looked through photo albums at old pictures of me and my brother. I was such a nerd growing up. I am sooo glad that I look better than I did back then.. I was so awkward! Plus the 90s fashion is always fun to look back at ;) The kids love seeing pictures of me when I was there age. Brooke saw a pic of me in a flowery dress and said I looked so "beautiful and fancy."

So that's about it for the weekend. Yes I know that was a lot of celebrating and I know I am "spoiled" by my family but so what?! We had a great time. And I plan to do the same with my own kids as long as they will let me! ;)

My awesome owl cake made by my BFF Joanne!

My new owl mug!

Some of the best friends ever-- Cori, Joanne, and Erika!

Waiting in line at the movies

Being a dork like usual. The movie actually was at 10:15pm.

Mom and I waiting at the salon on Saturday morning

Mom in the chair getting her pedicure

My patriotic toes and new flip flops!

Jessica and Nick right after they were married!

Playing around at the reception.

Rachel wearing her new dress she got for her birthday, to church on Sunday

Yummy lasanga at moms house! Mom wouldn't be in the picture.. she is a party pooper :(

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