Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrations & Festivals! Weekend in Review!

Friday after I got out of class I took mom out to lunch for her birthday. We went to Rancho Viejo. It was fun to eat some mexican food and have some girl time. They come out and sing to you for your birthday, bring you a dessert, and put a sombrero on you. They surprised Mom and even put some whipped cream on her face. I think she was kinda embarrassed! I told her I was sorry though ;) 

Saturday morning we went to a local appliance store to get a new dryer. Our old dryer wasn't even that old, but it stopped heating for some reason. Arnold even tried to repair it twice. We keep getting soo backed up on laundry. Our parents have even helped us out several times so we wouldn't get behind. Mom ended up saying she would buy us a new one as an early Christmas present. Thank you SO much Mom!!!! We went to pick it out that morning, and I love our new one. It was pretty awesome and expensive but it was the last one of a type they were discontinuing, so they gave it to Mom for half off... total score!!! It is being delivered today and I am so ready to get back on track. You don't realize how much you take things for granted until something goes wrong! And we are so, so thankful for Mom for doing that for us!!!!

Saturday afternoon we took the kids to a local church for a fall festival they were having. They had a hotdog lunch, then lots of activities outside. The kids played several games and were able to win tickets to get prizes. They also had bounce houses set up they could jump in and slide down. Then they wanted their faces painted. Brooke and Caleb got their full face painted and loved it. Rachel just got a little heart on her cheek :) And lastly we got sno-cones! They even offered one to me and Arnold, so I got a cherry one :) We let the kids play on the playground for awhile before we went home. It was such nice weather outside too.. the perfect day to go to a festival!

That evening we went to Mom and Dad's house to celebrate Mom's birthday with everyone. Grandpa came over too. Dad grilled steaks, and we also had baked potatoes, asparagus wrapped in bacon, and then an icecream cake for dessert. It was sooo delicious, I left there stuffed! Mom even sent home the extra steak with Arnold, so he was happy. And the extra cake too, so I was happy ;) We ate outside on their deck and it was starting to get a little chilly so we built a fire in their outside fireplace thing. The kids loved picking up sticks around the yard to help Pop Pop out :) Poor Arnold got stung though! Twice! When he was picking up sticks he upset a nest of bees. He got stung just below his chest, and on his arm. I felt so bad for him :( We also played Frisbee in the backyard with Caleb. That is his new favorite thing! He has a pretty good arm, too! We had an awesome time spending time with family, and when we got home they kids went right to sleep. They were exhausted!

Sunday morning I worked at church. First service we didn't have any volunteers show up, so I worked in the class and Arnold helped me out. I always love it when he's in there because he is so dramatic when I do the lesson with the kids, and when we read them stories he does silly voices. The kids love him :) 2nd service he had to work in his class, and we had plenty of helpers with the babies, but since there were also baby girl twins in there, I decided to stay in there  and help out. Ok, so I really wanted to snuggle a baby! ;) I told Arnold I wanted one of those for Christmas but he just rolled his eyes at me! Ha! ;)

After church we went and got a quick lunch, then headed to a local park to help Mom out. She works at a local crisis ministry, and they put on a Walk for Hunger to raise money. The weather was beautiful and the kids got to play on the playground while we set things up. Mom had asked Arnold to come help out and do face painting for the kids, since he is so artistic ;) It was a lot of fun. Some of the adults even ended up getting their faces painted too, for fun :) They had filled up a lot of water balloons for a balloon fight at the end of the walk, but most of the people had gone home by then, so the kids ended up getting to throw water balloons at their Grandma. They thought that was the best ;) I think they had a pretty good turnout and it went well. I had a major headache when I got home from allergies though! :(

Before we went home we stopped by Walmart to pick up a few grocery items and some pizzas from the deli for dinner (they are yummy!) We ran into someone we hadn't seen in a very long time, so that was neat! When we got home we made the pizzas and watched some tv. When the kids went to bed Arnold and I watched "Resurrection" like every Sun. night. The show is getting more creepy now! Grandma is so evil! What is going to happen next??? I have no clue! Why won't they tell us???? Arghhhh!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!!! :)

They even put a sombrero on me and made me dance around too! 

Mom opening her gift. I got her a taco bell giftcard because she loves going there on her lunch break sometimes. And a shirt.. we actually have matching shirts now!

She was surprised by the sombrero but it was funny!!!!

We took a selfie outside the restaurant! We weren't even looking at the right spot! Haha!

The kids at the church festival on Saturday

A ninja turtle, Hello Kitty, and a little heart :)

This sweet dog was at the festival running around and Caleb just loved him :)

My new "A" shirt. This is the kind I got Mom too so we could match!

Brooke won a prize! She loved this unicorn and has been carrying it around all weekend.

Our little monkey! She went all the way across the monkey bars! She is strong!

Cuddling babies at church on Sunday! I was in heaven!

Rachel and I matched in our leopard prints Sunday!

We both have new shoes! Her's are from Old Navy and mine are from Target :)

Mom at the walk on Sunday afternoon

Arnold was ready to paint some faces!

He painted an owl for me to practice!

The kids played in the sandbox while waiting

Brooke loved throwing water balloons at Grandma!!! :)

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