Monday, October 13, 2014

Festival, Football, & Friends!

We had a JAM packed weekend of fun! We were able to do lots of stuff, mostly in part to the extra money we got back!! It was awesome... and one of the best weekends we've had lately :)
Friday evening was Oktoberfest in our town. We haven't taken the kids in a few years. And I remember why now! In just 45 minutes or so we had already dropped sooo much money! It goes fast there! We got all your typical festival food... greasy pizza, hotdogs, funnel cake... Brooke helped me eat the funnel cake because there was so much! Then we walked around and the kids saw a place you could get glitter tattoos. They had some cute designs and they said they lasted for about 3 days or so. I considered getting one too since I am too wimpy to get a real one.. but I didn't ;) Then we bought tickets for them to go on the rides. The rides took so many tickets that they were only going to be able to ride two rides. We sent them on the first one by themselves and I was afraid Rachel would get scared with all the jerking around and spinning, but she loved it! Unfortunately it started to rain and they never got on the 2nd ride! We ran back to the car and since it was still early we headed over to the mall. I wanted some new jeans so I went to a few stores and tried some on. I found a new pair and a new top, so I'd call it a success! Then we took the kids to the icecream shop to get some cones.. since we didn't get a chance to get ICEEs at the festival. Not like they needed any more sugar anyway! ;)
Saturday morning we all got ready and went to the kids' school football game. It was homecoming weekend! It was extra fun this weekend because one of my best friends and her daughter came to watch Brooke, so we got to sit together and chat. She even took some pics of Brooke for me on her nice camera! Rachel was thrilled to get to play with her buddy Kenzie, too! The game went great.. and our team won!!!! SO that was awesome. The halftime show went pretty well.. the girls had really been practicing hard. I am proud of Brooke! At the end of the game was the homecoming court. Brooke was escorted out by two football players.. it was sooo cute. Some of the boys on the court were looking miserable, but the two boys with Brooke were smiling, so I got some great pics :) Then they pulled names out of a hat to crown the princess and queen, and Brooke was crowned PRINCESS! I was soooo happy! My MIL said they were going to have to hold me down ;) I guess I am living through my daughter, haha! She got a pretty tiara to wear, and she even wore it later when we went to lunch ;)
After the game we went to lunch with my parents and Erika and Kenzie... to Amos and Howards. We didn't get there til nearly 2pm since we had to wait on the game to be over! Lunch was really good though, and we got to hang out with family and friends.. it was a blast. Brooke shared her crown and let everyone try it on ;) Rachel and Kenzie sat right beside each other and had fun together :) And Dad surprised us and treated us to lunch! (so sweet!) It was pouring rain when we left so we had to run to the car. I'm just glad it didn't rain on the game!!
That afternoon we went to the movies to see "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." Some of you may remember the children's book it was based on. I LOVED that book as a kid and made my mom and dad read it over and over to me. We still have my copy and I read it to the kids, too :) The movie was during a "bargain matinee" time and we had a giftcard so we only spent $10 for all 5 of us to go to the movie.. can't beat that! We should have got there earlier there, because the theater was PACKED and we had to sit at the very front. The movie was pretty great. I loved that Steve Carrell was the dad (I LOVE him!!!) It was funny and had some sweet moments, too. There were a few moments where I was like ummmmm maybe not 100 percent appropriate for my kids maybe but it was nothing major. We ran into a lot of friends there, too. Guess everyone decided to hit up the movies on the rainy day! After we got done with that we went over to Krispy Kreme. They have special halloween and Ghostbuster donuts out right now, so we let the kids get some (I stuck with plain glazed.. always yummy! ;)
Sunday morning I went to church. Since I am working now, I was there from about 9am to 12:15pm. It went pretty well this week. We were missing a worker for the 1st service so I helped out with the kiddos. We also had a new girl in there shadowing us, seeing how everything works, becuase she is interested in helping volunteer (yay!) 2nd service we had full coverage and only a few kids, so it was more laid-back and relaxed. Arnold was sweet enough to come help me clean up at the end of the morning ;) Then our family went out to lunch at Chili's. That is Brooke's favorite place to go for some reason! We ran into Arnold's parents there having lunch.. funny. AND some other people we knew too. There is not much to do in our town, can you tell ;) Then after lunch we went by Old Navy because they were having a great sale. I got me a new pink fleece jacket and Rachel some slip on shoes in a leopard print (cute!)
Later that afternoon Arnold took the kids back  home and I went to a friend's house for one of those "home parties." She had two consultants there from 2 companies.. so it was a double party. Which was a good idea, but it got me in trouble ;) There was 31 stuff, and Pink Zebra stuff. I was only planning to get Pink Zebra stuff. They have little beads that smell good that you burn like tarts to make the house smell good. I picked out four jars of scents.. Cherry Blossom, Beach Breeze, Stone Washed Denim, and Macho Man (yes it smells like men's cologne and I LOVED it!) I wasn't going to buy any 31 stuff but I was tempted when looking at the things she brought. I ended up buying me a new purse... in grey dot print with my name in turquoise print. And a cute paisley wallet! I have been wanting a new purse, so it's all good ;) I basically spent my whole first paycheck from church, but oh well! At least it was fun! I had a great time talking to everyone, watching the Panthers Game (They tied!) and eating yummy chicken dip Shana had made! I can't wait to get my new stuff!!
Sunday evening was laid back. We made "homeade" pizzas and watched "Resurrection" when the kids went to bed. I love that show but it is sort of dragging now??? I want to know what in the world is going on!!!!! And Arnold was sweet enough to steam clean our carpets last night with a rented Rug Dr. (ok so maaaaybe I bugged him just a little bit before he agreed! ;) But they look GREAT and I LOVE you honey! Thank you! :)
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!!!
At the Oktoberfest Friday night. Yes I am holding a big funnel cake!

Brooke getting her tattoo 

She got a blue cheerleader to wear next day for the game!

Yes they have Christmas decor out at the mall! Caleb LOVED the Darth Vader!

Brooke with her special pumpkin donut

Caleb with his Ghostbusters donut

Rachel and her buddy at the game Saturday morning

Brooke being escorted by the football players! SO sweet!

She was the princess!!!!

A family pic! And yes Kenzie jumped in it too ;) And yes I am looking away! Oops!

Brooke and Grandma at lunch after the game

Erika and I at lunch!

I made mom and dad take this pic! Dad was not happy! ha!

At the movies on Saturday afternoon. don't know why Rachel looks so mad!

Arnold and I took a selfie while waiting on lunch Sunday! I really liked it though! :)

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