Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am sooo excited that an American Girl store just opened this past weekend, about an hour from us! I have never been in one of their stores.. my mom and Grandma always had to order my dolls when I was younger. Brooke keeps begging to go and to be honest I'm probably just as excited as her to go!! I am thinking maybe wait for the madness to die down a bit.. buy the girls a giftcard for Christmas, then a week later or so we can visit the store and let them pick out a doll? How fun would that be?! 

Diet sundrop is sooo good! Why didn't someone tell me this before?? I don't care too much for diet drinks but have finally gotten used to the tastes of Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper. But the diet Sundrop tastes the best I think. I just bought a bunch at Walmart to take with me on morning I go to classes.

This was one of the Amazon toy lightning deals this week, and I got it for Rachel! It was almost half off.. such a good deal! She is going to love it.. the Dora talks and you can "talk" to her on the smartphone is has for the child.. don't know.. but Rachel is still on a huge Dora kick, so I know she will love it. It will be one of her Christmas presents.

When I was browsing the Halloween section at Walmart today, I saw the ELSA costume on the shelf.. the last one! And it was Rachel's size! Well might be a tad big, but it will work! Poor Rachel was bummed when they were all wiped out at Target and Party City. So I scooped that baby up right away! And a bonus was that it was $3 cheaper than the Target costumes!!

I picked this up at the Lifeway Christian store the other day. They were having a sale on some of their popular book. I LOVE Francis Chan. Him and his wife wrote this book about marriage. It is very interesting so far....

I am enjoying watching this season of 19 Kids and Counting! I just wish they'd hurry up and show the actual WEDDING of Jill and Derick though! I am so happy for them :) I can't believe one day my girls will be at the place in life.. makes me tear up! 

I am loving the cooler weather lately, and the kids are getting to wear some of their new fall outfits. I just picked this up from Kohl's for Rachel. Yes, another owl thing...! I can't decide if I want this to be worn on her school picture day or something more dressy... we will see! 

~I finally got around to visiting the Allergy dr this week. I am glad I finally went... it went very well. Our insurance covered all my testing, with just a specialist co-pay. They were all very friendly there and even gave me a goody bag for being a new patient. I had the skin prick test, and they tested me for like 100 things.. no kidding! It was uncomfortable when the little needles stuck in my back over and over again! They I laid there for about 20 minutes, which was nice to rest. Turns out I am not hugely allergic to anything (thank goodness) but I am mildly allergic to some things like dogs, cats, rice, onions, garlic, green beans (strange things!), and pretty allergic to COFFEE!! Isn't that strange? I don't even drink it.. guess It's a good thing! I also have a lot of seasonal and everyday allergies, so they said I would be a good candidate for the allergy shots. I am trying some medicines to help it first. Hopefully my headaches and fatigue will start to go away!

~We had a close call yesterday.. very bad storms and winds, and a tornado warning! It was very close to the kids' school, and they were actually taking cover in the halls and bathrooms for about 2 hrs. I felt so bad for them! I was so worried there for awhile, that I didn't have them with me! I was praying while I was at my allergy appt! They even had a late release from school, but everyone was ok! Thanks to my inlaws for picking them up for me!

~My mom's birthday is this weekend, so that will be fun. We love to celebrate in this family! ;) I might take her to lunch on Friday... that would be fun, just a girls' thing.

~My cousin who is due in February with her first baby found out last week she is having a girl! I am so excited for her! She will have soooo much fun buying all the girly stuff! I would know! Congratulations Stephanie!! :)

~Still having an awesome time doing childcare for the church. got my first paycheck deposited this morning.. it is always nice to have extra money in your account! I am working tonight for a lifegroup, and get to work with 2 of my good friends, so I am excited!! :)

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