Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday!


I just finished reading this book. It was amazing! I have read some of her other books, and she always "speaks to me." I ended up so enlightened and motivated. A lot of the things are "simple" but make a huge impact. I'd recommend it to any other women who want a good read! I also just finished Francis Chan's new book about marriage and eternity. You think being Christian and I would have made the connection but I never really thought about it til now. How people can see Jesus through Arnold and I, as we show each other love and kindness in our marriage. Great perspective on how marriage is more than just pleasing each other and being comfortable!


I found this Carter's dress at the mall, and got it for Rachel. I think it is going to be her outfit for fall pictures next week! This is a bad pic.. the dress looks so much cuter in person. The collar is sparkly! Adorable! I am going to buy Carter's stuff for Rach until she grows out of that 6x size.. then I will be sad!!!

And speaking of cute dresses, I got that dress on the far right with the pumpkin face, for Brooke to wear for Halloween! It is at Target. They have their halloween stuff for girls on sale this week, too! They were all out of the "nerdy" ghost shirt, but it was cute too!


Arnold and I have been talking a lot lately about re-doing our kitchen. We are just trying to save up some money right now and plan things out. We want to replace the flooring first, and I think we have that picked out. I either want the walls a sunny yellowish or a green shade.. sort of like this one. Any suggestions? I love both colors and can't decide. I am sooo excited about us updating our house though! It is way overdo!


Has anyone seen this new show yet? It is on NBC on Tuesday nights. It is so funny! I love the actors and they seem to have great chemistry. The mother in law already cracks me up!


They put their flannel sheets on sale this week at Target, and I picked up the red set (on the top but the design is hard to see) I became obsessed with their flannel sheets last fall when I was working there. They are SO soft and SO warm.. nice to have on those chilly nights! They have some cute prints, also. I have the Christmas birds/bells from last year and I may pick up the snowflakes this year :) They also have kids' versions that are very cute! So check them out! (listen, I am already trying to sell stuff and I don't even start my job there until Nov. 3rd!! ;)

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  1. I LOVED "The Best Yes"! Lysa is an awesome author and I can totally relate to her. She makes it fun.
    This show has been added to my "Must Watch" list but I haven't sat down to watch it yet! I need a good laughing one for once. lol