Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I Read: 3rd Quarter

I know I am very late on posting my book list and reviews for the 3rd quarter of the year! And I did not read nearly as much this time around as I have in the past. Thanks to starting school I don't have the time to read as much anymore! But I still wanted to share the list to keep track and to post suggestions for those of you who might be looking for your next read. So here are the books I read for the 3rd quarter (July, August, and September of this year.)


This was about living on less and being happy with it. It was very eye-opening. I'd rate it as "great."

This is a parenting book. It was hard for me to get into, and I didn't finish it. I'd rate it "fair."

This was a book about a woman who lost her baby, she was stillborn. It was very sad. But it talked about her faith and it was a wonderful book. I'd rate it "great."


This is one of my favorite authors. Another in her series I have read. I'd rate it as "great."

Another of my favorite authors. Didn't disappoint. Another "great" from me.

This was a kindle book a friend suggested to me. I read it in one evening while at the beach. It was amazing! An unlikely love story... I'd recommend it "very great!" Seriously... read it! It isn't even that long.

Another one of my favorite authors. Easy read. Chick lit. "great".

I know the girl (sort of-- she was in a mom's group I was in) who wrote this. I read it and liked it ok but it also has some very suggestive content, just for your information! I'd rate it as "good."

Another fave author! Good one for the animal lovers out there. Kindof long. I'd rate it "good."

I loved this one.. it was a page turner. Not for suspense or anything, but interesting characters and I loved a peek into their lives and stories. I'd rate it a "great."


I have started reading this one because I heard it got great reviews. It is really good, but REALLY long. Like 900 pages or so. I read a little bit every Mon and Wednesday in between my classes. I am really liking it so far....

Another one of those I wanted to read because it was very popular right now. I borrowed it from my mom. I can't believe it, but I can't get into it! I have heard it gets better, so I am going to keep trying!!

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