Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cinco De Mayo!

Wed was Cinco De Mayo! We were planning on going out to eat that night, mexican food of course. Arnold wanted to go to Rancho Viejo because thats his favorite. But everywhere was packed! So we just ended up going to Taco Bell (haha) and even that was busy! Anyway, we got lots of mexican food and it was yummmy! I tried one of their new tostadas. Rachel got a taste of her first taco (SOFT taco of course ;) She seemed to like it.

Before we went out that night we decided to take a few silly pics, that i added on here. The sombrero was from my trip to Cancun back in 2003... we went right after I graduated highschool. I cant believe i still have that thing. We have it hanging on the wall in one of our bathrooms, haha. Anyway, dont laugh too much. :0)

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