Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday, May 7th

Well i was expecting Friday to be a bad day, because I woke up reallllly sick on my stomach. I thought i had caught another stomach bug, and was really bummed out. But im pretty sure it was just something i ate, because i started feeling almost 100% better by lunchtime. Since we thought it was the stomachbug, Arnold called into work. I told him he could go back to work since i was feeling better, but he said he just wanted to stay home and spend the day with us, so that was nice :)

Anyway, last night we dropped the big kids off at their grandparents' house, and Arnold, Rachel and I went out. We went down to Conover and i went to this place i always used to go to and I got my eyebrows waxed. It ad been awhile and i forgot how bad it hurt... i was ready to yell out some expletives, believe me! ;-) But it was worth it, because my eyebrows look much better now, they were getting unruly ;-) After that we went to Kmart to look around for awhile. Im glad i did because their kids' shorts were on sale, so i got some for Brooke and Caleb. I also found the cutest outfit for Rachel that said "Im kindof a Big Deal"-- had to have that since our last name is Deal ;-) And lastly we went down the road to visit a good friend of mine, Jess, who had moved into a new apartment. She lives right next door to a friend of mine that ive known since elementary school... and we happened to see him and his wife last night, too. So it was nice getting to see some friends :) Then we went to pick up the kids and my MIL gave me some flowers for Mothers Day, so that was sweet :) they are really pretty, i have a pic on the phone Ill have to post later if i remember!

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