Monday, May 3, 2010

**Ultra Busy Saturday!**

Saturday was a BUSY day for me, but i love days like that!

I got up early, around 630 am, and went w/ my friend Jackie to the 7-mile yardsale. Its this yardsale they have every year, just an exit up from my house. Theres this road thats really long and tons of people on that road have yardsales on a certain day. I try to go every year if i can... some years are better than others.

Jackie came and picked me up and we got out there pretty early.. around 7am or so. We started out not having much luck-- there were lots of crappy sales that had nothing at all, i hate when people do that. And a lot without kids' stuff, which is mostly what we were looking for. But after awhile we found some good ones. I found a lot of cute Gymbo tops for Brooke. I also found Caleb a little acoustic guitar-- even came with a stand and carrying case, so cute :) I found Brooke a toy shopping cart.. and a few other odds and ends. I also found myself a really pretty glass canister set that i added on display in the kitchen w/ all my cookie jars. I was hoping to find a stroller for Rachel, but no luck-- oh well!

After Jackie dropped me off at home, i drove to hickory and met my dad at Olive Garden for lunch. We get together every once in awhile for lunch-- and call it our "date" haha. I really miss my dad.... I always thought of myself as a Daddys Girl. So its fun when we're able to get together and talk. We ate lots of yummy food-- we tried this appetizer of fried lasanga, which was pretty good. I got cheese ravioli for lunch, which was a bad idea b/c with all the salad and breadsticks and everything, i was stuffed before i got it! So i took most of it home for the kids that night.

That afternoon we took the kids to a friend's birthday party. Morgan was turning 4, and had a party at her house. We got lost several times trying to find Sarah's house-- i hate all the numbered roads in hickory, so confusing! But im bad at directions to begin with ;-) Anyway, the party was a lot of fun, the kids played outside for awhile.... then they had hotdogs and cake. And Morgan opened her presents. I even found out that their Cat's name is Rachel! haha ;-)

We finally got the kids to bed that night... and Arnold and I ordered out from Redlobster. I got this platter with LOBSTER and CRABLEGS and SHRIMP and it was sooooo good! I am such a seafood lover. We had quite the bill, but boy was it worth it. We figured we could treat ourselves to a nice dinner since we had just gotten Arnold's bonus check ;-) Rachel was still up when we ate and i swear that child was GRUNTING at me and you could tell she wanted some of that food! haha.. we did end up giving her a cheesy biscuit and she loved it :)

So that was our ultra-busy, but fun, Saturday! :)

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