Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rachel is Mobile!!!

Thats right, the other day Rachel started crawling!!!!!!!!!!!

Well shes been "scooting" for the longest time now... she can move across a room, just in her own way... but she finally figured out how to get up on her knees, so now shes REALLY crawling. She can move alot quicker now! I really have to watch her now-- she can just be sitting there one moment and the next shes trying to go after my drink, or the laptop cords, or who knows what else. You spend all this time wishing your kids would finally hit a new milestone then wanting to take it back because it keeps you busier after that! haha. Plus, its sad shes growing up so fast :( She crawled just a little earlier than Brooke did... I know most babies are standing or even walking by now but my kids were always late walkers, and i was too when i was a baby, so im not worried about it!

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