Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day 2010!!

Mothers Day 2010 was pretty awesome!! :)

Saturday i spent the day with Arnold and the kids. Arnold and the 2 big kids had to go to walmart to pick up dogfood and when they came home they had brought me the latest issue of my favorite magazine, and some cupcakes with hotpink icing, lol.. i thought it was a sweet gesture. Then later on that afternoon we took the kids to the library to get some new books and i got a few new ones to read, also. That night we went to visit my parents for a little while, and when we got back home and put the kids to bed Arnold went out to get us food from Red Lobster, brought it home and we had a nice dinner alone! Even though it was almost 10:00 at night before we got to eat, LOL. I had crablegs, garlic shrimp, and some mashed potatoes. There was also a salad and stuff but i was SO stuffed, i couldnt finish it all!

Sunday morning Arnold brought me scrambled eggs in bed, my favorite ;) Then we all got ready and went to church. I had baby nursery duty this week, so i stayed in there w/ Rachel and the other baby thats usually in there. The kids all made their moms handprint things, which was really sweet! There was this poem on it that almost made me cry!

Anyway, after church we went out to lunch @ Ocharleys w/ MIL, FIL and SIL. We had to wait almost an hour for a table, but thats to be expected on Mothers Day. The kids actually did pretty good waiting for so long. We finally got a table and ordered. Then we gave MIL her present..she seemed to like it. My FIL totally surprised me and gave me a GC to Target! Everyone knows how much i love Target ;-) For lunch i had breakfast foods-- pancakes, bacon, and potatoes, and it was yummy! After lunch we came home and Arnold cleaned up the kitchen for me, while i got online :-P We also got a real good pic of me and the kids outside yesterday afternoon.. i was pleased :) Usually its hard to get everyone to look at the camera at once! I opened my gift from the kids.. and it was a Giftcard to OldNavy to get me some new clothes! Ive been telling Arnold forever that i wanted to get some, but i always feel guilty spending money on myself! But now i can go shopping and im excited :) The kids also got me the cutest card, and Arnold got me a sweet card. I asked him not to spend a lot of money on me, so our seafood dinner the night before was my gift-- and i loved it of course! ;-)

Yesterday evening we went ovcr to Mom & Dad's for a cookout. Dad made steaks for everyone, but made a chicken for me, since thats my favorite ;-) We also had baked potatoes, bread sticks, salad, watermelon... then cheesecake for dessert! I was SO stuffed! I couldnt even finish my cake! We let Rachel try some and she LOVED it :) Dad had gotten me flowers, and they were beautiful! I have them at home in my kitchen now. Mom is paying for me to get my hair cut and highlighted this coming Friday-- i am looking so forward to that, because my hair has gotten so long and unruly! I just am ready to chop it all off! :) Then when we got home and put the kids to bed Arnold and i got online and watched last night's SNL.. Betty White hosted and it was an awesome episode! I love her!!!! :)

It was a GREAT weekend and GREAT Mothers Day and I feel so blessed!!! :)

My pretty flowers from dad :)

Rachel playing in nursery w/ her friend, Logan

arnold got all dressed up for me! :)

My mom and I-- Love her! :)

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  1. Awww sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!!! Love the pictures.. the one of you and the babies is great!!!