Monday, May 3, 2010

*Lauryn's Baby Shower*

Sunday afternoon i threw my friend Lauryn a babyshower. Her son, Grayson is already here, but that was great because we all got to hold him at the shower!

We had the shower at Glenn Hilton Park. BOY was it HOT... i think it was almost 90 degrees! Im so glad it didnt rain... all morning the sky was full of dark clouds and i just knew it was going to storm.

Arnold was sweet enough to drive me up there and help me get all the stuff out of the van-- we decided itd be good b/c the kids could play on the playground during the shower. They had a great time. They got very hot though, and kept asking me for drinks... and of course all we had were sodas so Caleb kept drinking Sierra Mist, haha-- oh well, it could have been worse.

Anyway, i think the shower went well. Lauryns cake was really yummy! and she got a lot of cute gifts. and i LOVED getting to hold baby Grayson! i just love little babies :) Rachel seemed SO big compared to him! He basically slept thru the whole thing :-P

All in all it was a good day and im glad i was able to throw the shower for my friend! i added some pics below....

Baby Grayson and I!

Guest of Honor:)

My Family :)

The cute and YUMMY cake!

Lauryn and Grayson

Opening Gifts

Me and Lauryn :)

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