Monday, May 3, 2010

*Gotta Have Faith*

Well as many of you know I started experiencing panic attacks last summer after i was hospitalized with the bloodclots. Last summer was BAD... i wouldnt wish any of that on my worst enemy. Anyway, I went on Ativan, a med to help with my anxiety. I have been on it for about 9 months now.

Lately ive been doing better with my anxiety. Ive also been having dizzy spells and just feeling so out of it when i take the Ativan, so i figured it probably was making me feel bad b/c i dont REALLY need it that much anymore. SO i decided to talk to the DR about starting to wean off it. I heard that the longer youre on the meds the worse it is, so i wanted to get started quickly.

I went in for my DR appt last Thurs and he told me a schedule to get started on..for the 1st week i am to cut my afternoon pill in half, for the 2nd week both pills will be cut in half, 3rd week i drop the afternoon pill altogether, and the 4th week ill drop the morning pill altogether and that will be the first time being off it totally! That is, if everything is going well. The dr said if i needed to slow down the process any, or if i needed to actually stay on a small dose, it would be ok.

Ive been really worried about withdrawals and feeling weird... the first day wasnt so great... i could tell i was taking less and i started feeling bad anxiety that evening. The next few days were ok i guess... ive been feeling things off and on, like headaches, stomachaches, being really tired, moody, etc. But its not as bad as I had imagined. But its only the first week! I am really hoping the rest of the process goes smoothly because id LOVE to be off this stuff by my birthday, and on the road to being the 'normal me' again! :)

I am on Day #5 so far. Please pray for me!!!!! Im doing a lot of praying and trying to have faith that everything will work out ok!

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