Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Review!

This weekend was crazy busy. It flew by before I could blink twice. Anyway, Friday we had to take the kids in for their first dentist appointments. I know Brooke and Caleb should have already gone, but at our dentist they don't file insurance, so it would have been over $400 for all 3 of the kids to go-- insane. So we looked around and listened to friends' recommendations. We decided to take them to Smile Starters. I am so glad we chose that place, they were so great. They were able to get us in next day, we got in the actual office really quickly, and all the people working were really kind to the kids and made them very comfortable. Since Rachel is under 3 they put her in a room by herself. I went with her and Arnold stayed outside in the hallway and got to watch the big kids through the glass windows. Rachel was very nervous at first, started crying and trying to jump out of the chair. But at the girl kept talking and talking to her, she eventually calmed down and even laughed a little bit. At the end of her visit they gave her a stuffed whale, glittery bracelet, and sticker. Rachel ended up with a great report and they said her teeth looked great. Caleb and Brooke both did really well with their appointments too. Caleb also ended up with a great report. Unfortunately Brooke had a lot of bad things going on in her mouth. She ended up with 6 cavities, and 2 were pretty bad. I have never had a cavity before and didn't really know what I was looking at. We only thought she had 1 or 2! And had NO idea that 2 were that bad. One has to have a cap put on, and one tooth actually has to be PULLED. Oh goodness, I felt like such a bad mom. I know its not really my fault, but I don't want my baby to have to go through that pain that's coming to her. The dentist took us into his office and explained everything to us, and showed us the kids' charts. By then the kids were so restless and Rachel actually ended up in the hallway unraveling the huge roll of stickers, which I had to go roll back up. But overall, the visit went really well. We take Brooke back Wednesday to get her teeth worked on.

Friday night we took the kids to Bojangles to eat dinner. They love to go inside, even if its fast food. We were eating and Arnold found some pink in his chicken. He was a little freaked out. Him and the manager ended up deciding it was probably just the look of it since it was close to the bone, but he was still worried he might get sick. Thankfully, he didnt! I am glad I didn't have to put up with a puking husband that night, haha! :P Then we went to Wendy's to get frostys. I know that sounds bad, considering we had just gone to the dentist earlier in the day, but they would have eaten sweets again sometime, right?? Plus, I remember my mom always taking me to get icecream after dr/dentist/orthodontist appts, so I wanted to do the same things with my kids ;) When we got home and put the kids to bed we watched "Horrible Bosses" that I had rented. I thought it was going to be bad, since I had heard mixed reviews on it. But it ended up actually being really funny, and entertaining! It had a lot of good celebs in it. It was pretty crude humor, but that was to be expected. It was SO weird seeing Jenn Aniston in a character like that though, that just messed with my head!

Saturday morning we got up early and got ready, because we were walking in the local Juvenile Diabetes walk. We have some good friends who's daughter was diagnosed with it this past year, at only age 6. So of course we wanted to help out if we could. Over the past few weeks we have been trying to raise money for our team, and we did pretty well. Along with EVERYONE on the team, I think I heard we raised over $700 so that is awesome!! We woke up to rain that morning, so I was really bummed out. I just knew it was going to put me in a bad mood, and we even had to take jackets for the kids, even though it has been in the 80s the past few days. Well I was praying for the weather to clear up, and wouldn't you know it?? It had stopped raining AND the sun was coming out by the time we got to the walk. God is so good! We registered and got a tshirt. Brooke begged to wear my shirt, which was huge on her and ended up looking like a dress :P We went in the walk with Erika's family, Karla, and her kids. With all the kids with us we ended up almost being the very last ones in the walk, but I'm used to that, haha. I was so worried about Caleb complaining the whole time, because he usually doesn't like to walk long distances. But all the kids did wonderful! We completed the walk in just under an hour. When we got done, they had all kinds of stuff set up, bounce houses for the kids to play in, and lunch for everyone who did the walk. I thought that was really cool. We ate Subway sandwiches and chips while watching the kids play a little longer :) Needless to say my legs have been hurting for the past 2 days. The first day I could really feel it in my thighs, and today the fronts of my legs have been hurting. I guess I need to get in better shape! I am not used to walking 3 miles at a time! Anyway, I am so proud of all of us, that we participated and finished!

That afternoon we went home after the walk and the kids played games on the Wii while Arnold and I passed out in the living room, on the couch. Haha, you can tell we are old now ;) Then we went to a big festival that my Sister-in-law told me about. It was put on by a church, and it was really cool! They had pony rides, hot air balloon rides, an egg hunt, petting zoo, paint ball, and food. We let the kids see the animals, and they loved that. I think Rachel ended up feeding a sheep a skittle though... she was eating some at the time and then Arnold said he saw her do that. Never a dull day with us, that would happen with my kid, wouldn't it?! While we were there we ran into a family from my old church. I used to baby sit their daughter! I saw her with some friends, and she was so big! I think she was 9 now? That makes me feel so incredibly old! Ah! Anyway, the kids found a lot of eggs in the egg hunt, got bunnies painted on their hands (they didn't want FACE painting :P and then we all had hotdogs to eat. Aside from it being really hot and me still feeling the pain in my legs from the walk earlier, it was a pretty fun evening. We did get out of there early though, didn't feel like waiting in the really long line for balloon animals.

After we left the festival we went to Rita's!!! It's so funny because there is a young girl that works in there alot and I know she is shaking her head at me because I am in there so much! But I am seriously addicted to that stuff! This time I had Strawberry Colada, oh my goodness it was sooo good! Then we went home, and thankfully we got the kids to bed early that night. They were exhausted, too! I had rented a few movies, and that night Arnold and I watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks:Chip Wrecked." Yes, we sometimes still watch "kid movies" without the kids! Its all good. It was really a cute movie!

Sunday morning I went to church early to work in the baby classroom. We ended up with 2 "little kids" and 2 babies. So it was pretty full for our usual classroom that early. I sat on the floor most of the time and played with the babies. They sat together and gummed teethers and rattles most of the time. Occasionally they would reach out and touch each other's faces or sit in my lap. Ahhh, contentment. I would be happy to sit and hold/play with babies all day long! But this is not "new news" to anyone ;) So of course I had a great time that morning! Then Arnold and the kids got there and we went to the later church service. Our pastor came out holding a guitar, acting like it was no big deal. I was standing there wondering what in the heck was going on... I didnt think he played guitar! He said that the music leader wasn't going to be there, and he was going to play instead. He then played a couple of notes, burst out laughing, and said "APRIL FOOLS." Haha, that was a good one. That would have been.... interesting... to say the least! :) I love April Fools and usually play jokes on people, but couldn't think of any good ones this year.

Later that afternoon, we went to a local gymnastics place, for a BIRTHDAY PARTY for the mom's group I am in. We are celebrating 6 years of being a group, isnt that great?! Anyway, there were a lot of my good friends there, so it was really fun. They had it set up like a carnival, and had pizza, popcorn, cotton candy, cupcakes, and all sorts of drinks. Then the kids got to run around and play in the gym part. My kids have been there before and it is pretty awesome, they love it! They have trampolines and a huge pit full of foam blocks you can jump in. Arnold and I have actually been in there before, and its fun, but its so hard to get out of! Also, last time I found a kids' old bandaid in there, so I was pretty grossed out and don't care to go back in there again! And Arnold is pretty sure he lost a pair of socks in there one time, too.... Anyway, then the kids had an egg hunt. All the parents hid the eggs all over the gym, and then we let the kids loose to find them. They let the kids go out earlier, and Rachel got a ton of eggs! They also had some cardboard things decorated like a clown, and monkeys, and they kids could stick their heads out and take pictures. Everyone who was involved in the planning of this did a great job! It was one of the most fun events we had been to! I think even Arnold had fun ;)

Last night I was really tired, and sad to see the weekend go :( Hope everyone else had a great one, too! Only one more week until Easter!!! :)

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