Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that I recently hit over 11,000 views on my Blog :)

~I'm loving seeing the family togetherness on my Mom's side this week. Her cousin died earlier this week of Cancer. He was a pastor and a really nice guy. He leaves behind a wife and two teenage sons. Very sad, but I know he is free of pain and suffering now.

~I'm loving that we got to go out to dinner last night as a family. It was "Kids eat Free" night at Chilis so it was an excuse to go out. The kids had fun and thought it was a treat.

~I'm loving last night's cliffhanger on Glee. Not what actually happened (very traumatic) but I actually want to stick around and see what happens when it comes back in April. The show hit on some pretty heavy topics last night. I am glad it showed something important and relatable to real life.

~I'm loving trying to figure out what I should give up for Lent. It is SO hard for me to give up something I love. There are lots of things I probably SHOULD give up for awhile.. Facebook, chocolate, swearing, soda... and the list goes on. For those who don't know, Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter, and lots of people decide to give up something for those 40 days as a sacrifice, and use that time to grow closer to God (hence why giving up Facebook would be GREAT for me ;) I heard Lent is big with Catholics and Methodists (I grew up a Methodist so im used to it) but not big with Baptists? Anyone care to elaborate on this for me? LOL.

~I'm loving that this Saturday I am going to Gaffney, SC, for all all-day shopping trip with my friend, Cori. I don't get to see her much, so I am looking forward to the time. Actually, Arnold and his dad are going to a guitar show in SC so we are just riding along and they are dropping us off to do our thing while they go. There are some pretty nice outlets there. Not that the kids need ANYTHING else.. ha. Maybe I'll actually focus on myself for once ;)

~I'm loving that Im back into the mood for selling old stuff and making some extra $$$. I took some of the kids clothes from last year into Once Upon a Child earlier this week. They were already pretty stocked up, but I made some. I turned around and spent it on more clothes for Rachel though (wiped them out of the rest of the Gymbo in her size that I could find ;) But at least I didn't feel so bad about it since I had just made some money!

~I'm loving that I have officially decided what the theme for Rachel's 3rd birthday party is going to be! Bumblebees!!!!! I had it narrowed down to bees or ladybugs for a long time now, but found some of the CUTEST party supplies online the other day. Love the yellow/black combo, and found a lot of other ideas on Pinterest. So 2 years ago yall saw me get obsessed with turtles, last year it was owls, and this year get ready to see/hear all about bees. I will say sorry in advance, I tend to obsess over things when it comes to the kids. And I am accepting any help from my friends who are crafty and/or like to bake... so keep that in mind ;)

~I'm loving that today it was so beautiful outside! Rachel and I got a chance to play outside for awhile earlier, and then some more when the big kids came home from school. Tomorrow it is supposed to be OVER 70 degrees!!!! Ahhh, finally some Spring weather, that is what I am talking about! Might just have to take a trip to the park tomorrow..

~I'm loving that Arnold found the book I am currently reading, and seeing his expression. Its called "Have a new Husband by Friday." haha! It is written by a Christian author and it is not actually about changing the man, but teaching the woman how to relate to a man better, since we are wired so differently. I have actually learned a lot! I am enjoying the book. This is the 2nd of the guys' books I have read, and I plan to read more. They also have a "Have a new kid by Friday" so that might be worth checking out ;)

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  1. Elia's second birthday party was a bee theme and so cute! Have fun planning!