Monday, December 3, 2012

The "Husband Project"

As I was looking up ideas on Pinterest of things to do with the kids this Christmas season, I saw an idea of "Countdown to Christmas: Blessing your Husband." It gave little ideas of things to do every day leading up to Christmas to make your husband feel special or appreciated. And I firmly believe you should always do these sorts of things, but it is hard to remember sometimes when we get caught up in the busyness of everyday life. So I decided I wanted to try doing some of these things for Arnold. I have been doing it for a couple of days now, and he has already started saying "wow, you are being so sweet to me!" So I guess it is working ;) It was broken down into ideas of Services, Compliments, Activities, and Gifts. So i used some of their ideas and also added some ideas of my own, and made up a notepad on the computer of things to do. I call it the "Husband Project" haha. So far Arnold doesn't know what is going on but he may figure out before its all over. So here are some of my ideas for the month. Just wanted to share, in case anyone else wanted to try something similar :)


*Give him a backrub
*Give him a footrub
*Take him a warm towel right out of the dryer after his shower
*Take him lunch from his favorite place to work one day
*Iron his shirts for him
*Make him a special meal one night, one of his favorites
*Leave him a special letter or card in the seat of his car
*Send him a special email or ecard to work
*Leave a note to him on the bathroom mirror or other places
*Take over some chores he usually does, for the week


*His favorite candy
*his favorite drink
*his favorite snack foods
*His favorite magazine
*A small GC to a local place to eat one day at work


*Plan a date night and go out
*Play a board game or video game
*Have an indoor date night complete with picnic
*Rent a movie and let him have the pick
*Play a video game together, healthy competition ;)


***These are really ones specific to what you want to say!!!

Mine are like-- He's a hard worker, good guitar player, respectful husband, etc :)

I am having a great time with this! I will be sure to come back and update on how it went. I love showing Arnold how important he is to me.. he really is a great husband and dad, and I am very thankful for him :)

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