Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013!

Friday night we took the kids over to see their Grandparents. (Arnold's parents) They got them their own baskets and lots of goodies. (mostly candy and whistles and stuff like that...loud and sugary things that parents don't usually like!!)

Then the kids dyed easter eggs. Thank goodness my Mother-in-law offered to do that with them, because I don't like doing it.. too messy!

I was cold later in the evening and put on Arnold's flannel shirt. Then he threw his hat on me too. I am looking like a total redneck!!

Arnold surprised me with my own chocolate bunny (he knows his wife loves her chocolate!) It was a HUGE bunny, and it was a "nerdy" bunny with a book! I only ate the ears so far, and the rest is waiting for me at a later time. I read on the box that the entire bunny is over 2,000 calories! Not cool!

Saturday we took the kids out to lunch at OCharleys. We had a coupon. We don't go out with them very often. And after lunch, I remember why! Haha! At least the food was good!

Brooke took this pic of Arnold and I. We sat on the opposite side of the booth from the kids.

We took the kids to an egghunt at the fairgrounds. they were whining about me taking their picture because the sun was in their eyes. The egghunt wasn't very big, but Rachel DID find an egg with $5 in it! And she used that to take her siblings out for icecream later that afternoon.. how sweet ;)

Easter baskets all set out! This is Rachel's. She got the next two books in the "Knuffle Bunny" series, and a bunch of other goodies. And yes, that is a vintage pollypocket in the front! She loves them! I found that one on Ebay! But she can never keep up with the little pollys!

 Here is Caleb's basket. He got a lot of starwars/superhero stuff and a new Wii game, he was pretty happy.

And her is Brooke's basket. She finally got a new Kirby DS game she had been begging for, and lots of other stuff, so she was excited. And yes, I know my kids are spoiled!!

The Easter Bunny also visited Arnold! Ok so it was me... his sweet and thoughtful wife ;) The crazy 80's dude is a DVD that teaches guitar stuff. And the Duck Dynasty boxset might have been kindof selfish since I wanted to watch it too! The carolina thing is a chocolate bar.. it was neat!

We made these bunny faces for the kids on Easter morning. I got the idea off Pinterest. The bunnies we made looked pretty creepy though! The syrup came out too fast for me to draw whisker lines. And the grape eyeballs rolled off! haha! But it was the thought that counts!

All dressed up for church on Sunday! I love how they were all in yellow and blue!

The sisters were in their matching dresses! The bows were a last-minute find, I almost forgot about bows all-together! And Rachel's necklace was made by a girl that works with Arnold.

I made deviled eggs to take to mom and dad's for lunch after church. They turned out pretty good! I also made a fruit salad and some oreo truffles. I think everyone was proud of me, because i Hate to cook!

Here is our family picture, taken at mom and dad's house. It took a couple of tries to get!

Hunting eggs that Pop Pop put out in the backyard. Caleb actually found one leftover from last year! ha!

Love this one.. Arnold had seen an egg and was whispering to Rachel where to find it!

Caleb and Grandma were working on an Easter Seek and Find book he had gotten as a goodie from them.

Here I am cuddling Butter, one of my parent's doxies. She is sweet, but she is a butterball! I couldn't believe how heavy she was when I picked her up!

We celebrated my friend Erika's bday this weekend, too! She turned 28 today actually! we went out to dinner at Chili's (our fave place, it seems like) and had an awesome girls' night. I gave Erika a sterling silver "friends" necklace I got at Jc Penney's. I saw it and thought of her.. I loved it :)

I had brought along some cupcakes, and Amy smeared the icing in her face! it was hilarious! We will look for any excuse to eat cupcakes! ;)

Here are all the girls! we stayed for over 2 hours talking and having a great time.

The girls (minus me) sharing the big blue drink they ordered. That thing was huge! And $10! Crazy!

And I bought myself a little treat this weekend. An owl doormat! I saw it at Kirkland's and had to have it! I also had this turned the right way but don't know why it flips when I post it!

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