Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Weekend...

(yes I know it's late.. oh well!)
...I only had a few hours at home by myself Friday before I had to pick up the kids at school. They had a half day. For what, I'm not sure..
...Caleb dressed up as a fireman for Community Helper day at school. Our friend let us borrow a costume, thank goodness. He looked so cute and got lots of compliments!
...Caleb made a 93 on his spelling test! He is doing so great with his school work!
...We wook Caleb in for his 6 year well checkup. Everything looked good. More about that in another blog!
...We took the kids to the movies Friday evening to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. The big kids had carmike giftcards, so we sprung for the 3d tickets. It was so much fun. The kids loved the movie and cracked up at the talking food. I even had a great time.. I had forgotten how cool 3d movies are. We snuck in some boxes of candy we let the kids pick out at Target so we wouldn't have to pay those crazy prices.. but we did get our bucket of popcorn there :)
...Rachel and I went to some consignment sales and yardsales on Saturday morning. One was half-price day and we really racked up on some little toys, books, and movies. Then we went to a yardsale where she found lot of barbie stuff, looked like from the 70s or 80s but pretty good condition, so I let her get them. Then we stopped at one big sale and found a few more things.
...We went to the football game to see Brooke cheer. It was at a school out in the middle of nowhere.. took me forever to get there. Ridiculous! We had a good time sitting on the hill watching her. Both sets of grandparents came out too. We snacked on chocolate covered raisins.. yummy! AND our team won! They are now 3-0.. they are doing great this season so far!
...We went to the Redneck Festival on Saturday to see Arnold play in the band. They had BBQ, hotdogs, hamburgers, and all sorts of homeade desserts. We watched some of the music, and the kids got to play with some friends and swing on a tire swing.. so they were happy. The benefit was for a little boy who is sick, and they ended up raising $12,000 for his family-- how awesome is that?! Later that night they had fireworks. So we all sat outside in the dark and watched them. so beautiful. I sat back in Arnold's arms.. it was pretty romantic ;) Rachel ran over to sit in my lap and said "this was the best day ever!!" :)
...I watched the Series Finale of Breaking Bad with Arnold. I knew that is what he was going to be doing that night and I wanted to hang out, so I watched it too. I had only seen 2 episodes of the whole series, so I didn't understand it all, but it was still a good episode.
...I cooked a yummy dinner for everyone Sunday evening. Yall know I hate cooking! We had some fish, corn on the cob, and mac & cheese.
...We went by Sonic so the kids could get some slushies, and I could get a bag of their ice. Their ice is the BEST! Arnold gets embarassed everytime we but it, but why?! I'm not the only person who goes there for their ice!!!

Redneck Festival. I caught Arnold smiling. Music makes him so happy!

I caught Rachel watching her Daddy play :)

She noticed me taking pictures and decided to be silly :)

One of the songs Arnold sang on.

Playing in the backyard with Sheldon :)

I love this one because Sheldon is sticking out his tongue! :)

He has grown a lot! He is still the sweetest thing ever! :)

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