Sunday, December 8, 2013

Life in the Land of Red

So I have reached my one month mark (and then some) working at Target. It has been a pretty good job so far. I am thankful that they have worked with me on hours so I am always able to be there to pick up the kids after school. And most of my co-workers are really friendly and willing to help a girl out when she is feeling stupid at her register, unable to figure something out!

To celebrate one month at this new job of mine, here is a list of "What I have learned about working at Target, thus far" :)

~It gets really old wearing red day after day. Really, really old.

~Saturdays are insane at Target. Be prepared to not even get a second to blink your eye or take a sip of water. It is that bad.

~On the other hand, mornings at opening are boring. You have to stock stuff. Occasionally I wander over to the magazines at the end of my aisle and take a peek ;)

~Security devices on stuff like tvs are the DEVIL to get off. I have to ask someone to help me every single time. When someone comes through my line with one of those items, I am silently cussing them.

~The holidays brings out the rude in people. Even little old ladies wearing cross necklaces (imagine that.) Yesterday I got yelled at for bagging something she didn't want "bent up." Yes she yelled at me. And made me feel stupid. The people in line behind her stuck up for me though ;)

~Kids who come through your line... well.. they are either asking for stickers from me, pounding the credit card machine with the pen, and I actually had one kid actually CLIMB up onto my counter and start playing with my scan gun. His mom didn't even move him. Sheesh. Be patient Abby, remember you have kids too!

~It is really hard to get people to open red cards. Really, really hard. I was not made to be a salesperson. Most people tell me "no" before I even get through with my "speech" they make us give them. God didn't make me to be a salesperson, that is for sure! If they judge me just on that fact alone, I will probably be fired!

~People spend a lot of money in Target. A lot of money. More money than I usually spend in there (which is saying alot!) I think my biggest order thus far was for near $700. I wish I had that much to spend! Oh and men are usually cracking jokes to their wives/girlfriends about how much they spent that day. So it's NOT just my husband who does that! ;)

~Speaking of men, the men who come through my line are WAY nicer than the women. They don't care about anything. They just want to get their food, deodorant, underwear, or whatever they are buying, and get out of there quickly. They don't care about how much they saved (usually) They don't care about if their reciept is in the bag or not. They just don't care. Makes it easy on a girl!

~Don't expect to watch anything good on the tv in the breakroom. Most of the time the guys monopolize that thing and are watching football or scary movies.

~The cafe is right there, and it is tempting. They have soft pretzels, hotdogs, icees.. and all the yummy goodness you want. And it's RIGHT there. If I eat there everytime I go into work I will gain 500 lbs. Must. stay. away!

~For the longest time, I thought the HR people really hated me. I was getting weird hours, late hours, or stuff that just didn't make sense. I finally asked someone about it, and turns out the computer throws out hours for the workers. They just correct any mistakes. So it DIDN'T mean I was "special" when they chose me to open up alone on the register that one morning. Darn! ;)

~They keep the inside of Target hot. It feels like you are on the face of the sun. people come through my aisle and complain about it. You think I don't know? Check out my armpits buddy.. I have been standing here ringing people up for 1500 hours and am sweating like something nasty! Yeah.. I have to shower everytime I come home from work!

~It is HARD to keep a clean house now that I am working. I don't think Arnold and the kids realize how much I did when I was a "stay at home mom." Our laundry has been backed up... etc etc. Caleb even failed a spelling test last week. Probably because I didn't study enough with him. Bad Mommy moment!!!

So that's about it... If you are still even reading this far! :) But for real though, I like my job. I especially love the extra money and discount which makes me shop there even more now (they know what they are doing! ;)

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  1. This reminds me of my Blockbuster days, lol. I remember wearing blue every day (and getting confused as a worker at Walmart) and the glorious display of ice cream and candy. I remember eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's at least twice per week. Just wait til you get randomly and falsely accused of racism. That's a fun one. But enjoy it, you'll have lots of stories to tell for sure!