Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~My mom called me the other night and told me that my brother is getting to come home for Christmas! For a whole week! He lives in Florida now, and we weren't even sure if or when we'd get to see him this year, so that was a total surprise, and a good one at that! I was even tearing up some ;) Our family is big on Christmas, so it means a lot that we will all get to be together.
~The kids got their progress reports yesterday. They are doing really well. At the levels they need to be at for all their subjects, and doing pretty good at their behavior.. but their teachers say they talk too much. (Arnold says they get that from me-- oh well! ;) We are still struggling with Brooke's ADD. The teacher says she has good days and bad days. But her teacher also says she tries hardest out of anyone in the class. I am so glad she is trying her best, even if it's tough right now. I am so proud of how well the kids are doing! I may have given them a surprise for all their hardwork, too :)
~Friday is payday for me! Since I only get paid every two weeks, it feels like I am waiting forever. But it should be a nice paycheck because I worked alot! I finally am getting Arnold's BIG SURPRISE gift with this money, and I cannot WAIT to see him open it on Christmas. Every time I think about it I get fluttery feelings in my stomach :)
~Speaking of gifts, we put all the gifts under the Christmas tree last night (all the ones for the kids, at least) And like typical kids, they were inspecting the gifts and counting, to make sure everything was equal and fair. Maybe it was a bad idea to put them out in plain sight, because now Rachel won't stop pestering me to open them!
~I got to go have lunch with the kids yesterday, at school. It had been awhile, and they had been asking me to come. I was off of work, so it all worked out that I could! They each got to pick a friend to come eat with them. Then they mostly chatted away with their friends the whole time I was there. Guess I'm not cool enough ;) But Brooke did give me a big hug before I left!
~I finally figured out how to download books onto my new ipad. It took me forever. You think I'd know how to use it, seeing how much I'm on the computer, but I am so much more used to a big desktop computer than a tablet.
~We took the kids to eat at Village Inn Monday night. I love Mon. nights there because it is KIDS EAT FREE! That makes a big difference when you have 3 kids! Arnold loves that place, I'm sure he'd go any night, even if he DID have to pay for the kids ;)
~I am off work 3 days in a row this week (not sure how that happened!) But I am loving it because I am getting to rest, clean up around here, and do some things to finish up Christmas stuff. Today I am going to go have lunch with Arnold. I also need to go pay off and pick up our layway stuff at Toys R Us. Eeeek!
~I was able to bite my tongue and not say anything the other day when a customer was rude to me in my line. I basically got called stupid because I wouldn't change the price on something (my manager wouldn't even let me-- I did ask!) Something about miscommunication with ads and prices... but you could tell they were trying to get something for much cheaper than it was supposed to be! And so I am stupid because of all that? I don't think so. There were so many things going through my head I wanted to say to him.. but I guess God calmed me down or something because I held it together... haha. I was pretty proud of myself. However, he did NOT get my usual cheery self... that is reserved for people who actually use some respect! Sheesh!
~I started a new book called "Mended" last night, and it is pretty awesome. I read it until I literally fell asleep holding the book. It is about how God uses all the pieces in your life.. all your past stories and hurts to put you together and make you whole. And that you are worthwhile and important, even if you have screwed up. Just what I needed to hear! Sometimes I can really get down on myself! Anyway, I'd really recommend the book for anyone needing some uplifting!
~Last year we made the kids' teachers a craft we found on Pinterest. They are button trees.. and you add the student's names to the branches and there is a saying at the bottom about teachers planting seeds of knowlege.. etc etc. You get the idea! Kinda cheesy but cute! The teachers last year seemed to really like them, and hung them up in their classrooms. So we decided to do them again this year for the new teachers. We just finished the one for Brooke's teacher last night and are going to start on Rachel's teacher's next! Arnold does the painting and I do the buttons, names, sayings, etc. I am NOT very artistic at all (ask anyone who knows me well!) so they may very well look like a child did it, I don't know.. but I love them, and it is something sentimental that I think will help the teachers remember the students from this year! :) We are giving them something else for Christmas also, but this was a cute idea.. feel free to steal the idea if you want! ;)

It may look like it's poster board, but it's actually a canvas, so it's nice and sturdy! I used some dark blues in this one, because Brooke's teacher is a huge Duke fanatic (hey, she may not have the best taste, but oh well! I also threw in some Carolina blue.. I know, I am evil! ;)

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