Friday, December 20, 2013

Week in Review!

We have been pretty busy this week! Especially with getting stuff ready for Christmas. I worked Monday and Tuesday.. which went pretty well. Monday was packed with people, but Tuesday was a little better. A few of my friends even came by to see me :) I am finally starting to settle down and feel at home there.. and starting to make some friends, so that is great. I found out I have to work Christmas Eve :( But at least it's in the morning hours so I will still make it to Christmas Eve lunch/ get together at my inlaw's house! :)
Caleb's class is doing a cookie exchange this week, as their Christmas party. Everyone was supposed to make a type of cookie and bring it in, and then each kid takes some home and they will have several different kinds to sample! I cannot wait to taste some of the cookies.. think he will share?! ;) We saw this online and made cute reindeer cookies for him to take. Actually, Arnold and I did most of the work.. oh and Rachel did add on the little cinnamon noses! ;)

One day this week Caleb's class also had Polar Express day. They got to watch the movie, and wear pjs to school that day. I had picked these pjs up at Crazy 8 a few weeks ago, for him to wear as his Christmas pjs, and he wanted to wear them in. After I saw them on him, I wondered if they might look a little silly or "babyish" and I was afraid of him getting made fun of. Which OH YEAH..he did, by 2 people he said :( I feel bad, but he didn't seem to mind wearing them, and they ARE so cute! They even sold out at the store.. so I wasn't the only one buying them! I guess kids can just be mean sometimes :(

I went on a little shopping spree this week, at Crazy 8 and Gymboree. I had coupons and rewards bucks to both places and so went ahead and got the kids some new outfits. I have a serious weakness for kids' clothes! Ohhh the cuteness! I got Brooke this kitty shirt, but with purple pants instead of the skirt. I figured she'd wear the pants more.

Bob, our Elf, has been up to some mischief this week. He was found peeking out of Caleb's stocking one morning. Arnold actually put him there.. I went to sleep and forgot all about moving him! Thank goodness for a hubby who stays up late and noticed my mistake!

Last night Bob had made it had for the kids to get out of their bedrooms! This is the girls' door.. but we also did Caleb's. Caleb actually woke up in the middle of the night with a bad dream and saw his door early. He came into our room and laid down with us for awhile. The kids all seemed to love it. They made me climb under the paper to go get their clothes.. so I wouldn't tear it down!

Arnold was proud.. I was just going zigzagged with them, but he decided to weave the colors in and out.. too much of a hassle for me!

My BFF Joanne's bday is on Christmas Eve, and you know that is a hard day to celebrate on, so we went out early! We went to sweet frog to get some icecream! Our friend Erika also came along. Rachel will be so uspet if she knows she missed out on this, because her friend Kenzie was there! 

Joanne brought me a Christmas gift that day.. and included in it were a big owl ornament and a bookmark. The owl was one I'd seen and actually thought of buying, but hadn't. The bookmark has an "A" charm, an owl charm, and it's green! (my fave color) Does she know me or what?! I guess that is what over 6 years of friendship will do to ya! ;)

I saw this shirt on Amazon the other day and just had to order it. It should be here today, actually! If you have ever seen HOME ALONE, you will understand ;) They had the shirt in several different colors, but of course i picked green! I plan on wearing it to a few Christmas get togethers! :)

~Earlier this week we ran out of Brooke's ADHD meds. She had to go in for a recheck at the dr. It turns out she has lost 4 lbs since being on the medicine. That is a lot for a little girl! I thought the last time she got dressed she looked skinnier to me, but I thought I was just imagining it. Her teacher does great about trying to make sure she eats her lunch at school.. but she has had a lot less of an appetite lately. That is strange, as I am so used to her being my child who loves to eat! Anyway, the medicine is working somewhat, but not enough to make a big difference at school. So we talked about upping the dose one more time to see what it does.. for a month. It makes me nervous with the weight loss issue, but she said to just watch her closely. And Arnold and I decided we are going to weigh her every week to keep track. They said if this doesn't work, we can try a different med. But that one works more like an antidepressant, so with it comes risks of its own. This has been SUCH a hard decision to make.. I didn't want meds to begin with, but it has gotten out of control. If you saw how she is struggling in school, you'd understand. My stomach has been in knots over it. You want to do the best for your child, and having that kind of effect on a person is scary! You want everything to be ok! So... please keep her in your prayers if you would! We want this to work out so she can go back to enjoying life and doing well in school.. she is a smart girl! :)
~Caleb got an 102 on his spelling test this week. He was so proud, as was I! Had to throw that in. I have some smart kids! ;)
~We have a new neighbor that moved in next door. Word is she is expecting a baby, which you know makes me excited :) I hope to go introduce ourselves sometime soon, and maybe if I get on her good side she will let me come visit the baby??! ;) Maybe we can take her some cake balls that we are planning on making this weekend.
~What is up with the weather lately?! Nearing 70s somedays, and then freezing cold other days?? I wish it would make up its mind. I never know what to wear on any given day. It is also messing with my head/sinuses and I am not feeling well at all!
~Soooo.. the Duck Dynasty issue. Since I am a pretty conservative Christian and LOVE that show.. most of you should know where I stand on the issue. All I am going to say is I respect their family and I think everyone has a right to their own opinion. What he said was what he believes.. he wasn't judging anyone, just putting it out there. And if you ARE a Christian, then you believe what is in the Bible, and it clearly says it in the Bible. Straight from the scripture. They overreacted on kicking Phil off the show, and it has caused a huge stir from all the fans. I knew the family wouldn't go on without Phil, and I am happy they chose family first.. over the money and fame. I knew they would stand behind him. Whatever happens will happen, but I am sure there will be another station willing to pick up the show if A&E can't get their heads out of their butts.. LOL! Big mistake guys :)
AND with that.. I will wish you all a very happy weekend! :) :)


  1. Those reindeer cookies look delicious!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and your sweet compliments! I love finding new blogs too!