Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

Every year I am thrown off when people ask me what I want for Christmas. I get so caught up in buying for the kids. Since having kids, my main focus is on them, and to be honest.. it is soo much more fun to buy for them and watch them get excited! Don't get me wrong, gifts are nice :) But anyway, when I started really thinking about it, this is what I came up with. I know for a fact our parents have gotten some of this stuff.. don't know the details though....
So tell me.. what is on YOUR Christmas list this year????? :)
Since I have a nice DSLR camera now, I'd love a bag for it. Ok I actually NEED a bag for it, to keep it safe. Knowing me and my track record with things!

We don't have cable.. we use Netflix and Hulu, so I usually buy the seasons of Duck Dynasty on dvd when they come out. This recently came out, so I want to see it!!

I see people wearing the Oragami Owl necklaces everywhere, and I think they are so beautiful!

We need new towels.. badly! All of ours right now are mismatched. And wearing out!

I collect Willow Trees, so any of these are nice :)

I know yall wouldn't be surprised I added "owl stuff." Anytime and any kind.. I am happy!

I have started burning Yankee Candle tarts in the house and they smell sooo good. We are using the Christmas scents right now at night and I love them!

"Gourmet" oreos. Everytime I see packs of these in TJMaxx I almost get them, but they are expensive. But they taste sooooo good! So is Christmas a decent time to ask for them?? ;)

Of course I have my never-ending book list.. and these are a few on my list currently...
Happy, Happy, Happy

The new Nicholas Sparks book

And the new Mitch Albom book.. one of my fave new authors! 

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