Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekend in Review

This past weekend, a few close friends and I decided to have a "Tacky Christmas Party." Also known as an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party." I went to Goodwill looking for a sweater and had a hard time finding one that was really over the topm so I just settled on one that was red, looked like an old lady would wear it, and had giant gold buttons. I did discover later that one of the buttons was missing off the middle of it, so it was pretty tacky I guess ;) I also bought some Christmas hair things in the kid's section and wore those. My friends were way better with their outfits than me. Gluing stuff to their sweaters.. lighting up.. yeah show offs! ;) But anyway, we had a great time. We ate some snacks (waaay too much junkfood!) and sat around listening to music and talking. We played a dirty santa game. My friend Erika forgot to bring a gift so just ended up throwing in $5 cash lol. I was the last to pick so I ended up with the cash. Not bad.. I used it for some snacks at work the next day! ;)
Saturday I had to work all day. Brooke and the cheerleaders from her school were in the local Christmas parade. I hate I didn't get to go see her! But her whole family was out there supporting her, and taking lots of pics (mostly for me! ;) So it was all good! I heard later that Caleb said "this would be better if Mommy was here!" That just broke my heart! I hate i am missing so much with working.. but what can you do?? I can't call out any during my first 90 days or I could get in big trouble!
Saturday night when I got off work, the kids and Arnold met me at work and we went out to dinner. We were going to go to Chili's, but they were packed, so we headed over to Ruby Tuesday's. We hadn't been there in forever and it was pretty good. It felt good sitting around a table, relaxing with my family! We were going to go to the mall afterwards but the kids were being restless so we went on home. After getting them frostys from Wendy's.. because they wanted dessert ;)
Sunday morning we went to the early service at church. I had baby class again. We only had 2 little ones in there this week.. they were both really "toddlers" and not "babies." So we had a good time. We read the week's lesson and Bible story, did some coloring, and played around the room. I love those little guys so much! I miss my kids being so little and so every week I get to be in there with them it just makes me really happy to spend time with them. Especially when the REALLY little babies are in there and I get to cuddle them! :)
Sunday was my niece's 9th birthday. I can't get over that! We were celebrating her 1st birthday when Arnold and I were still dating! That makes me feel so old! We were there at her party talking about how one day we'd have our own cute little blonde babies (little did we know we'd have three! and in such a short time period! ;) We all went out as a family to eat lunch at Applebee's. We had a great time hanging out. We got my neice a crazy loom (like the rainbow loom-- you make bracelets) and some of the different colored bands. She seemed to like it.. she is a crafty little girl! Now Brooke wants one too-- but I am afraid it will frustrate her trying to make them! Anyway, they came out and sang to her and brought her little cake and cupcakes, which she had picked out. She picked a snowman to honor the new movie out "Frozen" which she loves. I have yet to see it, but hear it is great!
Hope everyone else had a great weekend also! :)
Joanne, Erika and I at the tacky Christmas party!

We brought out some props for pics! I found this NEW kit at Goodwill for $2! Can't beat that! I let the kids have them after we were done ;)

Showing off our Christmas socks :)

The two girls up for the "tackiest sweater" contest.

The kids all dressed up for church. Thanks Grandma Marcella for their outfits!

With my niece on her birthday! I love how cuddly she is! :)

Opening her gift from us

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