Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I kinda hate doing the whole resolution thing every year. I start out with good intentions. Then when I mess up or get off track I pretty much quit. I think this year I won't be AS specific on things, just a general goal I want to meet, and maybe that will make it more achieveable. Like not a certain amount of lbs I want to lose (then I stress over numbers) but rather the goal to get healthier. So I don't know if you would call these resolutions, goals, or what, but here is what I would like to accomplish this coming year!!
Learn all about my new camera-- I got a new camera this past year and am so very excited about it. It takes crisp, clear pictures. And I like to take it with me everywhere. I even got a case for it, after months of Arnold hounding me about it. He seems to think I don't have the best track record with expensive things. BUT ANYWAY, I know there is so much more to it. I would like to take a class, maybe just an online class, and learn what all it can do. More about the features. And then take some really pretty Spring pics of the kids myself this year!
Have lunch with the kids at school-- I already do this, but I want to do it more often. At least every other week or so. It thrills Brooke to no end when she comes through those cafeteria doors and sees me sitting there, waiting on her. I think Caleb and Rachel enjoy it also, but maybe not quite as much. Brooke is just like her mama and takes great excitement in even the little things :)
Read the Bible-- Once again, I already do this, but it is very sporadic. I have never really dived right in and seen what all it has to offer me. During tough times I have jumped to verses I knew would bring me extra strength. But I want it to be a basis for everyday living. So many answers to our questions can be found right there in those pages!
Read at least a book a week-- This one shouldn't be too hard. I am an avid reader, and have been since I can remember. Last year I read about 62 books, give or take. I would like to increase that number this year if at all possible. I already have a stack a mile high of books I have gotten, either from consignment, thrift stores, friends, or just bought at a great deal. I have so many to read it is overwhelming. But I get great enjoyment from books and buy more and more whenever I get the chance! I will be sharing my 2014 to-read list in a future blog :)
Drink more water-- Because let's face it, our body feels soo much better when you do. I need to fill up one of my cute tumblers with the straw (because Lord knows I have enough of those things!) and keep it with me whenever I can! Maybe then I will remember????
Find a new job- Now that the kids are in school, I would like to do something if at all possible. Right now I am in between jobs.. I just finished my seasonal at Target. So if anyone has any ideas, throw them my way! I have already applied at a few places, and know of a few other possible opportunities.
Continue on my educational path-- which is getting my degree in Elementary Education. I accidentally missed the cut-off to sign up for classes this Spring.. I was so wrapped up in my Target job and getting used to being a working mom there for awhile. I can't believe I let the deadline slip me by! However, I am going to try and go by and see if there is anything available when people start dropping their classes after the first week. Because you KNOW that will happen!
Save $$$ to take fun vacation with kids-- We have done a few little trips here and there. And gone with my parents on a few trips. But I would love to save the money and do something awesome!
Get organized in my house- I say this every, single year. I am not the most organized person. I try.. I really do. But it just doesn't seem to be one of my God-given talents ;) I may be for awhile, then it all falls apart again. I need some sort of system. I am always losing things, or forgetting things.. and I know for a fact it has to be bugging my kids' teachers. I have apologized to them several times about missing things. But geeeez, no one told me how hard it would be to manage a household with 5 people in it. Or maybe they did and I just wasn't listening :)
Do something active at least 3x a week- Whether it be Wii fit, going on a walk, a workout video, or whatever. But yes, we know exercise is good for us... blah blah. It is hard to fit it into the schedule sometime, but it makes us feels better and is even good for our mental health (which I know mine could use some improvement ;) So I will try to be more active!!
So there ya go. My goals. Pretty do-able, don't you think? What are your goals for this year??

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