Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekend in Review

This past weekend was the last few days of Christmas break. Two days before the weekend the girls had come down with the stomach bug. I was woken up in the middle of the night with Brooke beside my bed saying "My tummy doesn't feel too good!" And a minute later she was running to the bathroom and puking everywhere. Didn't quite make it all the way.. she puked in the sink. Thank goodness I have a hubby who always handles puke duty... so he cleaned it all up. When we finally had her settled down and relaxed on the couch (to try to keep her away from Rachel) we heard Rachel start heaving. But she was still in her bed. Girl threw up all over her bed and it was all over her and even in her hair. Arnold gave her a shower and got her all cleaned up and we got her back to bed. I was also sick, but in another day (too many details lol) and so we were all miserable. Thankfully Arnold took great care of us and we all eventually started feeling better.
Friday evening I had had a girls' night planned, and I was so bummed out I had to cancel it. I didn't want to spread any germs around, plus the house was a disaster from being in bed sick for a few days. Friday we hung around the house and watched tv. We finally got around to watching Despicable Me 2 on dvd that we had bought. That movie is hilarious! We also tried to clean up around the house. By that evening everyone was stir crazy, so we tried to get out for a little while. We went to Ihop because we are in the birthday club and Arnold had his bday coupon for a free meal. Thankfully everyone kept all the food down! :) Then we headed to Barnes and Noble to browse around. Surprisingly no one walked out with anything-- even me-- but I already have a huge pile of books waiting for me to read, so there would be no point to buy more right now! We also went back to the mall to see if they still had that big sale going on at Belk's, but it was over.. booo. I am loving my Sperrys and pretty pjs I got there the other day! I did find some awesome stuff in Kirkland's though. A wall hanging for over our bed, a pretty decorative plate for the kitchen, a pretty shower curtain for the hall bathroom, and a bowl with some "orbs" for the kitchen table. So it was still a successful trip :)
Saturday we mostly just lounged around the house. That evening was my last night at Target. It was just a seasonal job. I hated having to leave everyone.. all my co-workers were really nice and I am going to miss hanging out and talking with them when we aren't busy. But I can say I officially survived the season, and especially BLACK FRIDAY which I had never done. I also am back in the groove of things now so I can hopefully find another job soon. Anyone heard of anyone hiring? I have been worried about how hard it will be to find another job.. and that evening, the sweetest lady who I go to church with came through my line. She told me that they are going to be hiring soon where she works, and she wanted to let me know the info. Talk about good timing! I know that was a God thing! Totally made my night-- gave me some hope. Anyway, it was strange to clock out that evening and look around the locker room knowing it was my last night in there. I know it is only Target, but I get really attached to places/things/people very easily and so it was emotional for me. I am turning in my badge and red and khaki and moving on! I had a good time while I was there, and am greatful for the opportunity. The extra $$$ helped out greatly during the Christmas season!
Sunday morning we all got ready to go to church. We went to the early service since I was working in the baby class. It was a NASTY, cold and dreary day out. Apparently most people wanted to stay indoors because we only had 4 little ones in our class. But we had a great time, as always. I love those little girls and guys so much. I miss my kids being that small. When one of the little ones in there comes over to me and lays down in my lap with a book, or busts out laughing at me when I do something silly, it brightens my whole day. I may not have my OWN babies/toddlers anymore, but those guys sure do mean the world to me too! :) Anyway, after church we went to Ocharley's to do their Sunday brunch.. which is oh, so yummy! Rachel was wearing her fox dress that day and everyone kept telling her how cute she was. Everytime I saw her though, I just wanted to sing that darn song. I'm sure all the parents know what I am talking about!!! After that we went to Target..  yeah I guess I just can't stay away! ;) They finally went 70 and 90 percent off their Christmas stuff. Most of the shelves were wiped off, but I was able to find some reindeer animal cookies for 59 cents, and a kids' spinbrush for 50 cents! Score! I was in there for organizational stuff and I completely forgot about that, of course!
That evening I went to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping. We were done to the bear minimum of stuff in the house.. I always dread going out to get lots of stuff at once! I also had to stop by the pharmacy to pick up my monthly medicines.. and since it was a new year and Arnold's company just switched to a new insurance.. it took FOREVER to get it all changed in the system, so I had to sit in the van and wait for like 20 minutes.. but I did sit there and sing while I waited :) And the awesome thing is, they FINALLY came out with a generic of one of the meds I'm taking, so it went from $35 to only $10 a month! That makes a big difference when you have to buy it EVERY month! I was so, so thrilled about that. I almost did a double-take when I saw the label because I didn't think it was the right thing. Anyway, that night we had yummy tacos for dinner, and I read the kids some of their new books before bedtime. When they were all cozied up in bed, Arnold and I laid down with my ipad and watched "Raising Hope". We love that show and needed to get caught up on the current season. It is hilarious like usual! :)
Hope everyone else is having a GREAT new year so far!! :)
All bundled up on Friday evening, ready to go out. And I'm wearing my new OWL scarf that my brother and his girfriend gave me for Christmas! I love it!

Caleb got this Sully mask for Christmas. Everyime he talks or moves, the face parts move with it. It makes him look so animated and it's hilarious!

Some of the stuff I got at Kirkland's. The little owls were given to me by my best friend :) And the tablecloth and napkins were from Target. 

It was a dress up-kind of day.

Rachel got her haircut on Sunday! Her hair had gotten so long! She looks just beautiful and like such a big girl now! They gave her a balloon afterwards too, that is what she is holding :)

Arnold captured a pic of Caleb running around crazy. He looks so happy :) Notice the big gap in his mouth? He lost his 4th tooth this weekend! 

Arnold decided to play some banjo. Was he burnt out on guitars???? Nah, never.

Sunday we decorated the mantel for Valentine's Day. We can do it early because our anniversary is in January ;) All the cute banners, hearts, etc came from Target. The little Willow tree with the heart is from Arnold.. he gave it to me a few years ago :) And I need a little red candle to put on top of my candle stick! 

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