Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~Arnold surprised me and he took Friday off from work, arranged for sitters to pick up the kids after school (his parents) and he said we are going to go out of town to celebrate our anniversary! I am so excited to get some time with him. Our anniversary isn't until Tues the 21st, but a weekday is not a good time to be able to get away. We plan to go have a few nice meals, maybe catch a movie.. just enjoy some time kid-free. We probably will try out IKEA.. never been before. He says if I get to go to Ikea, he gets to go to Guitar Center.. so we will see ;)

~Speaking of annivesaries, I tracked Arnold's surprise gift last night and it said it is supposed to be delivered by tonight!! Soooo excited for it to get here so he can open it! I will be sure to post pictures soon.. I hope he is going to love it! His childhood bestfriend assures me he will (he helped me pick it out for him.)

~The big Target toy clearance is supposed to be happening really soon.. rumors are tomorrow or next Thursday. That is when they take a bunch of toys and mark them down to 70 percent off. They do a big markdown in January, then another one in July. I use that time to stock up for birthdays, gift closet, etc.

~The friend I mentioned who was in the hospital (that I took the sunshine package to) finally got to go home the other night! She ended up staying for a total of 10 days, so I know she was ready. I had a hospitalization after having Rachel, and it was for 9 days.. so I know how she felt. She is doing a lot better. I hope I get to go hold baby Liam again sometime! :)

~An American Heritage Girls group is being started in our area.. actually not TOO close to us, but within reason. I pulled Brooke out of Girl Scouts last year after I found out all the news about Scouts being partners with Planned Parenthood and cookie sales going to support the organization. I know that doesn't bother everyone, but as a very, very pro-life conservative (who spends her time volunteering at a pro-life center every thursday!) I didn't feel right about being involved anymore. Brooke has really been missing it though, so I thought this would be perfect for her. It is a Christian-based organization that does the same sorts of things.. meetings, service projects, learning skills and earning badges, etc. It focuses more on GOD and faith though, which I LOVE! She will start in FEB and I can't wait to see how it goes! :)

~I decided to do some WII FIT yesterday while the kids were at school.. but when I put my disc in the WII it wouldn't read it.. so I broke out Just Dance 3 and danced some ;) I think Sheldon thought I was CRAZY! But who cares.. it was fun.. and it is somewhat of a workout! There are some good songs on there including Black Eyed Peas and Lenny Kravitz.. so we were jamming out ;)

~Brooke came home with her spelling words this week and they were a lot harder than last week.. and she told me since she knew all the "regular words" she got a harder list! That means my girl is a spelling champ (just like her Mama ;) Some of her words this week were "unicorn" and "bulldozer" and she seems to be doing well with those, too. I am proud of her!! She is doing a lot better in school lately. We are still working with the ADHD mess, but I am optimistic.

~Tomorrow I am going to lunch with my BFF Erika! We will probably hit up Olive Garden, as that is one of our favorite places to go. I haven't gotten together with her in awhile, so I am excited. I'm sure we have lots to catch up on.. we both like to talk ;)

~The kids' Uncle Gene gave them giftcards to the movies back at Christmas.. so we will probably take them this weekend to see the new movie "Nut Job." A movie with squirrels.. obviously :) They have seen the commerical many times and crack up over it.. they say they want to see it.

~Arnold is a huge night owl.. and he usually goes to bed much later than I do (which usually bums me out because I feel lonely) But this week he has been pretty tired at the end of the day, so we have been going to bed at a decent hour.. and getting a GOOD night's rest! I am happy for that because I love my sleep! ;)

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!! :)

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