Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday


~The kids finally got a snow day today. Being in the South, we don't see a lot of snow around here. When the weather guys say we will be getting some, we don't really believe them until we see it. But we did this time.. about 2 inches of it. You can tell we don't get it often when Brooke is so excited that she is jumping up and down and begging to build a snowman about 5 minutes after the snow started falling ;) I am the weirdo that really does not like snow.. I know, I know. It is pretty while it is falling, but then it is just a huge mess. Harder to do everything-- drive, get the dogs to go outside to use the bathroom, etc etc. And we get huge cabin fever. So here is hoping the snow melts soon! ;) But don't tell my kids I said that!!!! ;)
~Caleb got the Citizen of the Month Award at school! He came home the other day and showed it to me and was so excited. I am very proud of him.. and we usually make a big deal over things like that, so I gave him a present. I keep a store of things down in the basement that I get at good deals throughout the year, so I had a lego set that was perfect for him. Along with his certificate he also got a free kids meal to Fatz, so ever since he has been bugging Arnold and I to take him. We probably will end up going this weekend.. because we love it too ;)
~Speaking of school, Brooke got her report card this week, and she is doing much better! Her numbers improved, she met all her reading goals, and the teacher said her handwriting has really improved. They are learning cursive right now, and I will admit, her's is really beautiful! I have horrible handwriting, so I hope she doesn't follow in my footsteps! Anyway, her and Caleb both hit their AR reading goals this time around, so we get to go to the school awards ceremony on Friday to see them :)
~Arnold finished up our taxes and now we are just waiting for them to get processed later this week and hopefully have our money back in a few weeks. We got a pretty decent amount. Turns out the little I did make at Target brought our total down some (booo!) But we are excited because we are going to be able to do some things we have wanted to do for a long time now! Get an electronic fence in the backyard for our two big dogs, get gutters on the house (we got a new roof this past year) and get a new vaccuum. Doesn't really sound all that exciting, but that is the life of an adult for you! I hear Dyson is the best way to go for the vaccuum.. anyone have any advice for me???
~I have finally decided to get a gym membership. I am NOT a gym girl. As a matter of fact, I probably don't even know what all the names of the pieces of equipment are, or how to use them. For the longest time I have been embarassed and scared to go. But after realizing how out of shape I have become after kids, I decided to give it a try. Arnold has a lifetime membership already at a local gym, so I am going to go there. We plan to go together at night and they have a childcare for the kids. It will be awesome to get some time to ourselves while we work on getting healthy. Arnold has promised to show me the ins and outs of the place too ;)
~I am so very excited that they put Harry Connic Jr on American Idol! I don't even really watch that show, but I may be more likely to watch it now ;) I have always loved him.. he has always been in my "Top 5" of cute celebs ;) So now with him and Keith Urban, there is a lot of eye candy to look at on that show! ;) I am also happy they added "19 Kids and Counting" on Netflix. It's about time! I am watching episodes I never saw, and going back and making the kids and hubby watch the show too. They are pretty much well-aquainted with the family now and Caleb even looks forward to the show when I watch it now ;)
~Sheldon is doing GREAT after his surgery! He has bounced back really well and is running around wild and crazy like normal. I found a little container to put his toys in, and he has better access to them now. I swear that dog is as spoiled as the kids are. He was such a great addition to our family.. I can't imagine it without him around here! :)
~I think I have decided to go blonde! I went to a friend awhile back and got some red in my hair since I have always wanted to try it. It was pretty, but just wasn't me. I was actually born blonde and my hair has gotten a lot darker over the years. But my friend thinks I can pull it off, so I hope to go see her next month and get it done! I already have a picture of the shade and style, etc I want.. so I am getting excited! I hope it looks ok and I don't regret it! Eeek!
~Arnold and I rented "Last Vegas" and watched it last night after the kids went to bed. It was really good. The old guys cracked me up.. and Arnold says he hopes he is a "cool old guy" one day, haha. The movie is funny and silly, but it actually is pretty heartwarming and emotional at times, and promotes the importance of friendship. Watching it made me even more thankful for my good friends that I am blessed with. And I hope one day I will still have those few special girls by my side! :)
Here is Caleb with his Citizen of the Month Award

And here he is with his new lego set. He sat right down for about an hour and put it all together by himself. He was so proud and asked me to take lots of pictures ;) He used to have Arnold help him, but now he is good enough to follow the directions and do it himself. He is just like his Daddy.. good with his hands and putting stuff together.

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