Friday, January 31, 2014

In The 90s...

Last night Brooke asked me what the 90's were like, and if they would ever come back (haha). Arnold and I had been talking about the past, especially music from the 90's. She actually inspired me to write a blog because I was feeling nostalgic. As I went back over the memories in my head, I realized that times have changed so much. We rely so much more on technology these days, and don't spend as much time with our families. And we are terrified of everything, from shooters at schools, to kids getting kidnapped, to what is in our food. I remember being a kid and being so carefree and active.. those were the days.

Anyway, here is my list of memories... at least some of them...

In the 90s...

I played outside all day during the summer, and didn't come home until it was close to dark.

~I wore slap bracelets and bike shorts under my dresses. And I thought I looked cool :)

~I had a Tamagotchi and took care of it like it was my baby. I got in trouble for sneaking it to school with me when it was against the rules.

~I watched Nickelodeon every saturday night. Especially "Doug" and "Rugrats."

~I stayed up late at night with my parents while they drilled me on the multiplication tables. I still remember I had the hardest time with 8x7.

~We ate dinner around the table as a family, just about every night. Mom cooked home-cooked meals that I would give anything to still be eating!

~I wasn't allowed to call boys. Girls who called boys were "too forward" and that was wrong.

~I was excited every trip we made to the Sanrio store. That is where I bought all my gifts for my friends. My favorite was Keroppi, even though Hello Kitty was the most popular.

~I didn't have a cellphone. I did play on my Nintento Game Gear and Secret Diary, though.

~I got my ears pierced and wore cute, dangly earrings from Claire's.

~I watched movies like "Parent Trap". "The Sand Lot" and "Home Alone" over and over again until I could recite the words myself.

~While in the grocery store checkout line, I would beg my mom for a pack of Chicklets, a Wonder Ball, or Warheads. I'd sometimes get a Teen Beat magazine also.

~I collected Trolls, My Little Ponies, and Polly Pockets.

~I read any "Goosebumps" or "Babysitters Club" book I could get my hands on. Even in the cafeteria at school after I had eaten my lunch.

~I listened to Hanson and the Spice Girls in my Walkman. Made long car trips easier.

~I went to the skating rink to hang out with my friends.

~I kept all my hair and beauty stuff in my Caboodle case.

~At school we would get Scratch & Sniff stickers on our papers when we did a good job.

~My mom made me hairbows herself, often out of colorful shoelaces.

~Every day after school I would watch "Full House" and "Step by Step" and sing the theme song.

Wow, memories. I know you fellow 80s/90s kids can relate with me on several of these. Too bad our kids will never know these joys. Well a few of the things are making a comeback, but it just isn't the same! What are some of your memories of the past?????

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