Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a busy and fun weekend, just how I like it! :) Friday afternoon after I picked up the kids from school, we went to Target to pick up my last paycheck, and swing it by the bank. It paid for Arnold's big surprise that is showing up sometime this week! It is a combined bday/anniversary gift and I will post pics when he opens it, but I can't post it on here or Facebook in case he would see it! But I am SO excited for him to get it! :) Anyway, then we met up with Arnold after he got off from work, and we went to dinner at a new place that opened near us called PDQ. It's specialty is chicken. It reminded me of an upscale Zaxby's. It was nice, but nothing spectacular, a little expensive for all of us. But they did have the thin fries which I love, and the machines that let you add flavors to your drinks, so I could get some cherry coke!!! After dinner Arnold took the kids over to Chuck E Cheese (bless him-- it is packed on weekends!!) and I went over to the hospital to visit a friend who had recently had a baby. She was supposed to have gone home already but she was having some complications. I know how rough it can be to be stuck in a hospital for several days, so I went to take her a gift to hopefully brighten her up a little bit! I also got so snuggle sweet baby Liam, only 6 days old! He was supposedly VERY comfortable with me because as soon as I got him in my arms he EXPLODED in his diaper! It was hilarious.. but you know what? After 3 kids, it just doesn't phase me anymore! Jessica-- you WILL get used to it, I promise ;)
Saturday was a nasty day around here, it poured rain, and poured some more. There was a full-on river in our front yard.. it was pretty bad! Mom called us up and asked if we wanted to go out and celebrate Arnold's bday, a little bit late. We went to this store downtown and she bought him some really nice designer shades for his bday. He is big on sunglasses so she knew he would like them. But I just hope he is CAREFUL with them and doesn't break them, ha! Then we went to lunch at Da Vinci's. I had never been before. I got some yummy manicotti! It was fun to spend some time with mom, and get out of the house, even if it was so rainy! Later that afternoon we went over to Arnold's parents' house so Arnold could help his dad set up his new recliner. Poor Pop barely got to try it out because the kids kept jumping in it.. they approved of his new chair ;) That evening we made some dinner and then hung out watching DUCK DYNASTY Seaon 4, which I just got in the mail. We don't have cable so I always end up buying the seasons right after they come out.
Sunday morning I got up early and went to early service at church.. it was my Sunday to work with the babies! We ended up with 6 kids, so they definitely kept us busy! I also got to snuggle sweet baby Abram.. who is only 5 months old! :) I can't believe how quickly the kiddos in there are growing up.. I remember holding some of them as newborns, and yesterday I was taking them on a trip to the potty! They aren't even my kiddos and I am sad! ha! ;) Anyway, after church we went to Walmart and the kids used their Christmas and toothfairy money to get a new toy. They never want to save money.. ever.. it doesn't last long around here, haha. Brooke got a new monster high doll, and this one moves it's eyes and moans.. it is a little freaky! And Rachel got a My Little Pony train, and Caleb got a set of walkie talkies. They were all happy with their stuff and played with them all afternoon. Then we headed over to mom and dad's for lunch and the big game. Unfortunately our Panthers lost, but we had a great time supporting them!!!! They did a great job this season!!! The kids were so cute about helping cheer them on.. Rachel kept saying "Go Panthers go!!!" :) I fell asleep during the game.. I got way too cozy on that couch! :)
I hope everyone else had a great weekend too! :)
I made this "basket of sunshine" gift for my friend in the hospital. As you see, all the things are in yellow packaging, to go along with the theme. I also found some yellow EOS lipbalm at the last minute that isn't pictured. I had a fun time looking all over the store for yellow  things! And yes they DO already have Easter candy out in stores.. crazy, right?!

Trying out PDQ on Friday night. The kids sat at their own table right beside us. 

Hanging out at Chuck E Cheese. 

Arnold had just picked out his sunglasses. Caleb jumped in the pic of him and Mom :)

Out to lunch at Da Vinci's afterwards. Brooke and Grandma.

The things they picked out on Sunday, with their Christmas money.

Supporting our Panthers on Sunday! Brooke and Rachel got into their grandparents' closet to find some gear to wear ;)

Dad, me, and Brooke right before the game

The pups wanted to snuggle with me on the couch while we watched tv

That afternoon, Mom taught me how to make her famous homeade lasanga. We made a pan for her and dad, and a pan for us to take home. We ate it for dinner last night, it was soo yummy!

Arnold and Sheldon seemed pretty comfy on the couch Sunday evening :)

Arnold helped Rachel make her winter project for school. Can you tell? The snowman is playing guitar. Arnold actually took apart an ornament and glued it on, lol. 

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