Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend it was FREEZING outside and we didn't do as much as we usually do, but that is ok. We got some rest at least (that is how Arnold likes it, anyway!) It was so cold Fri morning that the kids had a 2-hr delay for school (that is how it goes here in the South!) So it was a late start to everything. Mom came over for a little bit to bring me some stuff, and we talked for awhile. Sheldon went crazy and jumped all over her.. you wouldn't believe he had his surgery last week.. he is acting as spunky as ever! That evening we went simple and ordered some Papa John's pizza (YUM- the best pizza out there in my opinion!) and watched some "19 Kids and Counting" on tv. They FINALLY added it to Netflix, it's about time! The kids even watch it now too.. they are amazed there are so many kids in the family and keep asking me if we are going to have any more kids, haha. I finally got around to watching the episode where Michelle loses baby Jubilee and I cried through the whole thing.. how sad! But at least we know she is in Heaven now, happy as ever! :) After the kids went down for the night, Arnold and I watched "The Internship." I LOVE me some Vince Vaughn! And I don't know what so many people gave the movie bad reviews.. I thought it was great! Funny.. and surprisingly heartwarming in parts, too!
Saturday morning we slept in waaaay later than we probably should have! We started out the day on a bad note with Brooke sneaking some laughy taffy out of the cabinet and eating it, and trying to hide it from me. At lunchtime we went over to Granny's Kitchen, which is a yummy restaurant right down the road from us. They recently remodeled and had just opened back up. I always like to get breakfast when we go there.. no matter the time of day. Their pancakes are HUGE! After lunch we took the kids to a birthday party. A little girl who's on the cheerleading squad with Brooke was turning 6. She had a Candy Shoppe party, so the kids were in heaven. They played some games and then ate cake and were able to sample tons of different candies they had put out on the table. All well and good until one of Brooke's silver caps popped out! She was sitting there holding it and freaking out.. and of course we were too because we were thinking about how much $$$ it is going to cost to fix! I put it in my purse for safe-keeping and we are going to call the dentist this week. Anyway, we happened to be in the area near where my Grandpa lives, so we decided to stop by. He is over 80 years old and still kicking.. and he loves getting to see his great grandkids! So we hung out at his house and talked for awhile, and the kids ran around to run off their sugar high. Later that evening we ate homeade vegetable soup that my mom had made us. She is the best cook ever and sent us home with some soup and chili. Perfect dinners for these cold nights we have been having!
Sunday we were pretty lazy. We slept in late, made the chili for lunch, and caught up on some "Last Man Standing" on Hulu. Then we worked on getting the house cleaned up.. with lots of whining from the girls. They hate to clean up their room. That afternoon I went to do some grocery shopping because we were almost out of food around here! Last night we made some fish, rice, broccoli with cheese, and biscuits for dinner. We ate off our new dishes from Ikea and sat around the dinner table together and talked.. a nice Sunday evening :) After dinner we made some chocolate chip cookies. Nothing like warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the over! I did however accidentally drop one of our NEW salad plates on the floor and it broke into a million pieces :( At least we had 6 of them.. so we still have enough for our family as long as I am careful from now on! ;) That evening before bed we had a dance party in our living room. We like to bring up You Tube on the tv and turn on songs or stories for the kids. We danced through some songs from the Frozen Soundtrack, What Does a Fox Say, and then some Van Halen (daddy's choice!) It was a great time, and I know we will look back on these nights fondly. One day I know the kids will be so embarassed to be around us at all, not to mention us dancing! ;) After the kids went to bed we watched "Don Jon." Wow, that movie was a lot more raunchy than I had expected. It did redeem itself a little bit towards the end when things started coming around for him, but overall it sucked. Especially Joseph Gordan-Levitt and Scarlett Johanson's HORRIBLE Jersey accents! I was about to rip my ears off! I am so glad I live in the South ;)
Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend as well! :)
Lunch at Granny's kitchen. Brooke had to bring her doll along with us. Her doll has a seat that attaches on to any table so she can sit right there. Brooke pretended to feed her and thought it was fabulous. Reminds me so much of myself when I was little!

These boys look so much alike! They even both tilted their heads to the side! 

With my girls! Loving Rachel's new top we got her on our anniversary shopping extravaganza weekend, haha ;)

The kids at their friend's bday party on Saturday.

Caleb won the "Guess the # of candy" game and took home a bunch of dum dum pops!

Enjoying some cake and candy at the party.

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