Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day in a Dream World

So Mother's Day is coming up this weekend, and I was thinking of how different things are now that I am a Mom. I love my kids. And I wouldn't change a thing. But this stuff is hard. I know all  you other moms would agree with me. I came up with a list (for fun) of what a Mother's "day" would be like in my fantasy world. So here you go. Let me know if you agree with any of this ;)

In my Mother's Day dream....

~I would be able to sleep in past 7am

~All the rooms in the house would be clean at the same time. I don't think that's ever happened!

~I would be able to eat a meal without having to cut up someone's food, listen to whining about foods touching or who get's the last biscuit, and having to beg and plead for them to eat their vegetables.

~I would be able to watch MY favorite shows, instead of Doc Mc Stuffins and then singing that darn theme song the rest of the day because it is stuck in my head.

~I would go to the store for FUN, and browse around looking at stuff for ME, instead of looking for new shoes for Brooke because she outgrew hers, or supplies for Caleb's class project, or snacks for Rachel's upcoming party. But I would end up buying stuff for them anyway.. because it's just so darn fun.

~The kids' clothes would stay clean all day. (mine too) No dirt stains, blood, snot, paw prints from the dogs, food, etc. No lost shoes. Bows stay in the girls' hair.

~I get to use my own computer, to blog or get on facebook. Instead of the kids fighting over who gets to use it and play Animal Jam. Or Moshi Monsters. Or Angry Birds.

~All stretch marks and extra weight from my pregnancies would magically disappear (hey, a girl can dream, right?!)

~I could drive a rented car around all day (something sporty) instead of the minivan. The van which practically screams "mom." No crumbs all over the floor and seats. No jolly ranchers stuck to the seat. No Dora the Explorer playing on the dvd player in the backseat.

~I can blast my own music as loud as I want and sing along.. without having to turn it down when a bad word slips out... and not have to explain what things mean!

~Absolutely no whining, tattletelling, hitting, crying, screaming, copying each other... you get the picture!

~The kids would go straight to bed at a reasonable hour. No begging to stay up. No questions on why adults get to stay up later than kids. No last minute trips to the bathroom. No asking for a glass of water. No talking to keep your sister up an extra hour.

~Homemade cards from the kids with sweet messages inside telling me how much they love me and always will. So that I can look back at them on the days when they become teenagers and I wan't to pull my hair out! And I can prove to them that one day they really did think "I was the best thing ever."

~BASICALLY-- A whole day of not worrying about messes, homework, driving kids around to activities, breaking up fights, planning out kids outfits, makings kids' meals, pickings up toys scattered throughout the house.... a day that every mom dreams of.. at least once a year!! ;)

Happy Mother's Day :)

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