Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun at Lake Lure

We had a great time over Memorial Day weekend. My parents invited us to go with them to Lake Lure. They have a timeshare, and we have been going every year since I was a baby. It is so fun to be able to take my family now, and them see and do the same things I did a long time ago. 

We drove up Saturday afternoon, and got checked into our condo. Arnold and I had our own bedroom, and the kids decided to camp out in their Grandparents' room, so that was nice! The first thing we did when we got there was take the kids swimming. They had been bugging us all week to go do that first! They have an awesome outdoor pool area, with 2 pools, cool sprinkler things, and a lazy river circle you can go around in a float. The kids played in the water for awhile, then we went to get some icecream at the little shop down by the pier. The icecream for all of us was $20-- kinda pricy.. but they gave you HUGE waffle cones, and the oreo icecream I had was YUMMY so it was all good ;) That evening we all ate snacks and played games I had brought with us. We had bought Headbandz but hadn't gotten around to playing it yet. It was a lot of fun! That night we had mom's homemade lasanga for dinner. She had tried a different kind.. chicken and ham. It was pretty good, but she says she will stick with her traditional recipe from now one.

Sunday morning we got up, had an awesome yummy breakfast made by mom and dad (scrambled eggs, bacon, and english muffins with jelly!) and ate outside on the deck. Then we got ready and went down to the pier to do some fishing. My dad had bought the kids all their own fishing pole. The kids had fun, but they were really impatient and kept asking when they were going to catch anything.. and we didn't! They were really upset about that! I was able to take some gorgeous pictures of the lake while we were out there. After awhile we gave up and went swimming again. Mom and I hung out in the shade and read books we had brought with us.. it was awesome :) After swimming we went out to lunch at a restaurant called Huckleberry's. It was a home that had been turned into a restaurant, and it was pretty neat. 

That afternoon we went back to the dock and dad got us tickets for a scenic boat ride. We had done it last time we went up there, and really enjoyed it. You have a guide that drives the boat, takes you around the lake and points out facts and neat places. Part of the lake and the area beside it is where some of the scenes of Dirty Dancing were filmed! That is one of my favorite movies, so it's always neat to see that. There were a lot of older couples on the boat and they were giving the kids a lot of attention, and they ate that up. I LOVE going on boat rides, and it was very relaxing. About halfway through the cruise it started to storm. There was lightning overhead. I knew we were in trouble when the driver looked worried and called back to the dock! We cut the trip a little short and went back to the dock. We got back just in time.. it had started to pour right by the time we got to the car! The kids had been so freaked out that we wouldn't make it back in time! Anyway, after that adventure we went back to the condo and rested for awhile. Since we had to head back home Monday, Mom and Dad decided to do our memorial day cookout a night early. We had hotdogs, hamburgers, and watermelon! Yum yum. That night we watched some tv and about the only thing on at the time the kids could watch with us was Full House. That brought back some memories!! :)

Monday morning we got up and had another yummy breakfast! (I need to go places with my parents more often so they will do all the cooking for us ;) We packed up all our stuff in the condo and started loading it up in the van so we didn't have to worry about it later. Then we went back to the pool AGAIN! Those kids sure did get some sun that weekend! Brooke got a float this time to go around the lazy river, and loved it. It cost $6 for a float-- crazy.. but she got to keep it to take home! Then we went back to the condo and got everyone showers and dressed in new clothes. We went out to lunch one more time before we had to go home. We went to Larkin's on the lake.. it is a beautiful view there and the food is great! Even if we did have to wait awhile for it. The kids got frisbees with their kids meals, so they thought that was cool.

After lunch we hugged and said bye to mom and dad then got on the road. Mom and dad stayed for the whole week, but we had to get back so the kids could go to school. The kids were bummed out to be leaving and kept asking already when we were going back again! I was so happy to get home and see Sheldon, I had really missed him! Thankfully my sister-in-law had taken care of our pets while we were gone :) Sheldon was so excited when we got in that he was shaking and peed everywhere! Haha :) And he wouldn't leave my side all afternoon! We had a great time and I look forward to going again :)

Playing the headbanz game in the condo.

Arnold and I at the lake Saturday morning

Arnold had to document that I was actually fishing! I hadn't since I was a little girl!

Brooke and Pop Pop at Huckleberry's for lunch.

They had a HUGE rocking chair outside so we had to take pictures :)

We got a family shot after leaving the restaurant

Rachel loved playing in the sand.

On the boat ride, it was a lot of fun until the storm came!

The steps from the Dirty Dancing movie! Look familiar??? ;)

Sunday night everyone was exhausted and piled on top of me! 

Doing what i do best.. reading by the pool! I'm not a big fan of swimming!

The kids loved the umbrella sprinklers!

Brooke and Grandma at our lunch before we had to leave

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