Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekend in Review

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday we took the kids to get icecream since they made A's on their spelling tests. Arnold took Friday off from work since we had a lot to do, so we got all that done. He also did a lot of yardwork. Mowed our yard, took down some bushes in the front yard.. I am looking forward to planting new things there and making it look pretty!

Saturday we worked a lot around the house. Then at 4pm we dropped Brooke off at the church she does her American Heritage Girl meetings at. They were having a fundraiser dinner. They were supposed to be early to help set up and get things ready. So while we waited for the dinner to start, Arnold the little kids and I went over to Walmart, just down the road. We walked around and got some stuff we needed. Then at 5pm we met his parents and sister and niece at the church to have dinner. They had BBQ, sides, rolls, tea, and cupcakes. I think they had a pretty good turnout. Brooke was running around crazy and playing and I had to keep telling her to go help out. She helped some with the drinks, cupcakes, and then the rolls. While she was helping with the rolls, she was standing there eating one. *sigh* They have an awesome playground at that church, so the kids were able to run around outside and play while the rest of the dinner was going on, so that was fun. Our next AHG event is going to visit the Biltmore House in June!

Sunday morning we went to early service, and I worked in the baby class. We had 10 kids under 3 this week, and it was a mad house! It was like they came in by two's! And several of them were clingy too, so at one point I had two on my lap, the other girl did too, and they were surrounding us! It was crazy but it made the hour go by fast! It was actually closer to an hour and 15 minutes this week.. we had a guest pastor and he preached longer than usual! Anyway, I really do love it in there with all my sweet girls and guys. Every so often on the church Facebook page they feature volunteers, and this week they picked me and Allison to put on there. They took our picture and asked us some questions. When she asked me a fun fact about myself I couldn't think of anything. How sad is that?! Allison is the one who helped me come up with something... something about how much I read and between just last year and this year so far I have read over 120 books already??? Yeah what can I say?? I like to read ;)

After church we took the kids to Sonic. We don't live that close to one, but there is one right down the road from our church, so it is convenient and has become a tradition after a lot of church services. The kids love to go for the slushies. They added a TON of flavors recently.. so the kids were going crazy trying to figure out which ones to pick. (They also started half price milkshakes after 8pm.. just to let ya know! ;) It was such nice weather that we got to sit outside at one of the picnic tables. It almost reached 90 degrees this weekend... it was hot! While we were eating we started up some funny conversations.. asking the kids questions like what were some things that Daddy and Mommy loved and hated. The one that tickled me the most was when Caleb said "Well Mommy hates to work out!" So very true my son ;) I love those kinds of conversations with the kids.. where we are sitting around laughing. It will make great memories, I'm sure :)

Sunday afternoon we set up the new wireless fence we had gotten for Oreo and Pepper. We tried to train them how to use it like the book said, but they were trying to run away from us and didn't understand.. at one point Rachel got a hold of Oreo's leash and poor thing was almost dragged across the yard! We decided just to do what our friends told us and let them go. They got zapped a few times, would freak out, then run back into the yard. Ever since then they seem to be starting to get it, I think. They have hung out close to the house ever since. I wish Oreo would roam around more and be free!!! Poor thing. 

That evening Arnold made us a yummy dinner of chicken, mac & cheese, and veggies (love having a husband that is a good cook and doesn't mind helping in that area because I hate to cook!!!) Then a little while after dinner we went on a family walk. I love that there are sidewalks around town that make it easy for us to walk around. On the way back Rachel was complaining and Arnold had to carry her some of the way. But he didn't seem to mind.. he said it was just weight resistance ;) He has done so well with his weight loss and I am proud of him!! He looks like a whole new person! Anyway, after we put the kids to bed we caught up on some tv shows. We have started watching The Bible Series now that it came on Netflix. It is more violent than I had imagined, but I guess that is the way it really was.. no need to sugarcoat it. It is really a good series so far.. we have only watched the first two episodes, but I like it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead! :)

Being crazy... it is not an act! ;)

Riding in the cart while we did some shopping

At the AHG dinner. Pop decided to photo bomb! ;)

Zoey, Emma, and Brooke. Emma did a lot of work... more so than Brooke I think ;) She kept bringing me rolls and refilling our drinks!!

I took a few pictures outside while the kids were playing on Saturday.

Sisters telling secrets :) One of my favorite pictures. Rachel looks so happy :)

I told Brooke to smile at Caleb but she kept making funny faces ;)

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