Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~Brooke had her awards ceremony for American Heritage Girls the other night. I invited my Mom to come out to watch her, and we had a surprise of my Grandpa and Father-in-law that came, too. So Brooke had her own cheering section ;) She got a pin for joining this year, and some badges for some things she learned and earned. They are now done for the Summer, and I think Brooke wants to go back again in Fall!

~We also go to spend Monday evening with some good friends. After the awards ceremony we went over to sonic to eat dinner. Nothing quite like chili cheese dogs ;) We also got milkshakes, but we waited right until 8pm to order them because they go half price then ;)

~Arnold and I rented "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" to watch the other night. It was sort of a weird concept of a movie, but it was really good!

~We took the kids to Kohl's the other day because they all needed some new shoes, and shorts for this Summer. We ended up making some Kohl's cash, and I was able to go back again today and get them some more clothes.. including some patriotic stuff for Memorial Day ;)

~We had our first counseling session for Brooke, although it was just for the parents this time around. I think the counselor now has enough background info on Brooke to start working with her. Her teacher was also awesome enough to fill out a LONG form they wanted, to evaulate some learning issues. She is scheduled for another EEG, just to rule out any medical issues first, since she had some seizures when she was younger.

~I am glad I chose Target to go and buy our groceries today... because they had some good deals. They had some good sales and clearances on things already. Then they had a $10 off $50 or more on groceries coupon you could get. And then I used my Target debitcard, which took about $5 more off the bill!

~Tomorrow I have an end-of-year conference with Rachel's teacher. I hope she is doing well! Although she seems to be.. she knows all her ABC's, a lot of numbers, colors, shapes... and has learned tons of songs this year. I am pretty sure they will give her the go-ahead for Kindergarten! ;)

~We are headed to the zoo with Brooke and Caleb's class on Friday! It is going to be a LONG day. We have to be at the school by 5:30am that morning! At least we get to ride on the big, nice buses there! We are loaded up on plenty of sunscreen and bottled waters.

~Arnold usually has to work on Memorial Day, but he was able to take off this year! So we are headed to Lake Lure with my parents this coming weekend. I went there every year growing up, and it is so neat to go back now, as an adult, with my family. We will get to go swimming, have cookouts, play putt putt, go to the lake, and all sorts of fun things. The kids are so excited!

~Caleb has a project due tomorrow at school. He had an animal he had to research and he has to write a paragraph about it, and make a model of it. I helped him with the research and writing, since that is what I'm good at. And Arnold helped me be all crafty and make the leopard, since he is good at that! They made it out of wood and painted it, and you can def tell that a 6 year old did not do it! But at least it's "A" worthy ;)

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