Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Class Dismissed!!!

I am really proud of the kids.. they have officially finished up their school year! I now have a rising Kindergartner, 2nd Grader, and 3rd grader. What?! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was taking them home from the hospital, and spending my days feeding them and rocking them to sleep? People weren't kidding when they said the time flies! 

The 1st and 2nd grades did some neat things for the last week of school. Brooke's class had a breakfast for all the kids and parents, to celebrate the end of the year. They had a "special awards" ceremony with just their classes, and handed out unique awards to all the kids. I loved that, since all the kids are great and deserved to be recognized. Brooke was awarded "sweetest smile." Boy is that the truth! All her teachers always commented on how they could be having a bad day and just Brooke's smile would brighten up their mood. They said she was so sweet and friendly..and never met a stranger. I love that about her! Such a sweet spirit. Then the class performed the "Sid Shuffle" for us! If you don't know what that is, look it up on Youtube! Sid is from the Ice Age movies ;) It was ADORABLE and Arnold got it all on video! Brooke said she was so nervous but she did great! 

Then we ran over to Caleb's class (their special things overlapped!) and we got there just in time to see a special slideshow his teacher had put together, of pictures from the year. The background was a sweet song and I started crying just watching it! (yep, I know I am a major sap!) Then after we took tons of pictures, we headed over to the gym to watch the awards ceremony for all the younger grades. Both Brooke and Caleb received AR reading awards. I am proud of them both for becoming such strong readers this year! (I wonder where they got that from?! ;) And after the awards it just so happened it was time for their lunch, so I got to go have lunch with them! And Rachel's was right after, so I got to see her too! It was a fun day, and I know we will look back fondly at all the good memories!

Tuesday the preschool classes had a graduation ceremony! I knew what I was in for, because I went to the ceremonies for Brooke and Caleb, too. I knew I would be a mess.. I should have worn waterproof mascara! Arnold and I were both able to be there to see Rachel.. my mom tried to get there in time, but was late and missed most of it. But we got that on video too, so it's ok! They all marched in together and it was the most precious thing I'd ever seen! What is it about 4 year old in gowns that cover their whole tiny selves and big graduation caps?! You could hear all the parents go "awwww" collectively. There was quite the parent paparazzi set up too ;) Anyway, first thing they sang a song, they had been practicing for a few weeks, called "Oh, what a miracle." Yeah, that is when I lost it! When Rachel spotted us in the crowd she lit up and waved at us! Then they went one by one to get their diplomas. Their "diplomas" were actually a plain piece of paper bundled up and tied with a ribbon. They gave them their real certificates later on, so they wouldn't get messed up! Very smart thinking! After the ceremony we took a lot of pictures, then headed to the library for a reception. They had a slideshow, and some snacks and goodies set up. Rachel ate a snack and talked to a few of her friends.. gave a big hug to her teacher, and then I got to take her home a little early that day from school.. so that was special for her. All in all it was a very special day. It was especially bittersweet because she is the baby of the family!!!

Today was the kids actual last day of school. They only went in for half a day and I picked them up at 11am. I sent in all the kids a card saying thanks for being so awesome this year, and a Target giftcard-- wanted to do a little something to say Thank you! I also bought the kids some popsicles at the grocery store so they could come home and have a little treat after school. When we got home they played outside and enjoyed the day. Their report cards were sent home too, and they were all promoted to the next grade! Now to enjoy our next couple of months of Summertime fun, and get them ready for the next grade! :) 

Caleb with his teacher, Mrs. Parlier

Caleb and his good buddy, Madison. They were so sweet together all year! His teacher said they were always close and she could see a wedding in the future ;) Ha!

Brooke with her "sweetest smile" award. And the teachers gave all the kids water bottles with their names on them, and some koolaid packets and candy. Sweet!

Brooke with her teacher, Mrs. Davis. She is pretty awesome.. except for being a Duke fan!!! ;)

Brooke with her AR reader award

Having lunch with the kids for the last time this year!

 Ready for their last day of school!

My sweet little 2014 graduate!

Brooke and her teacher, Mrs. Corpening. All 3 kids had her. We are going to miss her!

Mom took this family pic of us. I just love it! And yes, I am wearing a dress! Shocker, I know!

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