Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why Today Sucked...

Ever have one of those days where you feel like nothing is going right? Like it's Friday the 13th or something but it actually isn't? Like you are cursed?? Not that I really necessarily believe in curses but anyway... Today was one of those days for me! I try to be a pretty positive person but by the end of today I was just cursing everything! Haha.. some days are just like that I guess. Here is an account of my day...

~I should have known the day was going to be rough when it started out with me waking up to the sound of our cat... knocking over my water class... on to my iPAD! Thank goodness I jumped out of the bed just in time to move it, and it still works ok. Yall know me and my curse with electronics!!

~Went to the mailbox fully expecting to get a check for the deposit we put down on Rachel's party at the park, and it was not there. It was a lot of money and I was pretty sure it was going to be there today! Grrr.

~We left Sheldon in our room with the door shut while we took the kids to a birthday party today. Even though it wasn't for that long and he very well could have napped the whole time we were gone, he decided to get revenge on us and ripped up my sheets on my bed. A huge rip down the side of the bed. Not to mention they were my pretty yellow sheets I had JUST gotten from Kohl's.

~I found out one of my very best friends won't be able to make it to my birthday dinner this Friday evening :( I know summer is a busy time for everyone and I totally understand that. I guess it sucks having a birthday in the summer because everyone is always busy or gone and can't make it to stuff! And to think everyone thought it was awesome to have summer birthdays! They aren't as fun when you don't have all your buds there to celebrate with you!!

~Was happy that I got to go to the grocery store all by myself this afternoon without the kids. This is a major thing with parents.. just wait if you aren't already a parent you will soon understand! I bought all my groceries.. had everything I needed for several days worth of lunches, dinners, snacks, etc. Got home and was unloading everything. And realized I forgot the milk! Of course...

~Decided I was going to make breakfast for dinner tonight. Arnold and I were going to cook together but he was out running an errand so I decided to do it all myself. I usually cook bacon in the microwave, but decided to do it in the frying pan this time to make it "better." Let's just say this resulted in a big fire on the stove. I. was. freaking. out. I yelled at all the kids to run outside. I grabbed the dog and threw him outside also. By then I was inhaling so much smoke into my lungs that I felt like I might pass out. The fire was actually pretty big! I threw some water at it and it got even bigger. Then i realized that it was because it was from the oil. Sheesh. Eventually it went out. Thank God. The neighbor came over because she said she heard the kids screaming. Way to go mom!!!! What a memory you created for everyone tonight!! 

~Thought the dinner fiasco was over with the fire.. turns out it wasn't. I had resorted to making the bacon in the microwave after that (like I should have done in the first place!) and was pulling it out when the kids came dashing in the house. They were screaming "she hit me!" "he bit me!" and the like. I got distracted, the plate tipped, and hot bacon grease went ALL down my leg. I started screaming, Rachel started screaming.. then I realized a little had gotten on her foot. Oh yeah.. we are both ok.. after lots of cold water and ice.. but ya know.. I am starting to think I should never cook again. Which would be ok with me.

~I was putting some laundry up this evening and knocked one of my owls on my dresser onto the floor. The bottom and part of the top broke off and shattered. Like Caleb pointed out, I DO have a surplus of owls around the house and one shouldn't matter that much. But it does! It was a special one.. a gift from a friend. Arnold tried to set it back up for me but it started tilting to the side.. and I said... JUST FORGET IT!!!

So... there ya go. My wonderful day. And I say that with lots of sarcasm. I got to the point tonight where I just sat down and about cried. Why are some days like that? Where you just can't get back up when you are knocked down? Sheesh... I hope today is better!

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