Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Saturday night my parents watched the kids so Arnold and I could go out for the evening. I had wanted to go out and do something special, since it was Father's Day weekend. My friend from college, Matt, was in town for Rachel's party, so he went out with us, also. I know Arnold was glad to have someone to discuss guitars and other music-related stuff with ;) After we dropped the kids off we had a little bit of time to kill so we went to the Music Center. Usually I don't go there with Arnold but I knew it would make him happy! The guys walked around and looked at guitars and dreamed about new ones they would like. It was pretty boring if you ask me! But I did like the green and sparkly guitars ;) Then we headed over to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Arnold's favorite food is steak, so I thought he'd like to go somewhere like that. Turns out he didn't even want steak that night, but the food was still good! I realized that I had been so busy that day with Rachel's party that I basically hadn't eaten all day, so I was starving!!! Food tastes so much better when you are that hungry! 

After dinner we went over to Best Buy to kill some more time. We looked at computer and DSLR cameras.. I'd like to have both! Haha.. I really need a new camera badly! Matt is really smart with all that stuff, so he showed me all the things I "needed" and why ;) After best buy we went over to the movies. We went to see 22 Jump Street. The theater was packed, and mostly with a bunch of teenagers that were taking up several rows and being so immature.. but at least they didn't talk too much through the movie. The movie was hilarious.. and I loved it. We had already seen the first movie and it was pretty good. I knew I wanted to take Arnold to something action since that is what he likes. Plus, who doesn't love a movie with Channing Tatum in it?! ;) Although everyone likes to point out how alike him and my brother look.. and it really screws with my head now! I end up missing my brother when I watch movies with him in it! Ha! Anyway, after the movie we went back home, so Matt could get his car. It was almost 11pm and we were all talking about how we were tired and needed to go to be since we had church in the morning. I felt so old! Before we went to bed that night I let Arnold open up his presents.. I knew it was early but I couldn't wait! I got him a bunch of things he had really been wanting and I was so excited to see him open them!

Sunday morning we woke up late... we were supposed to get up early and meet my parents and the kids at their church... but we didn't make it. But sleeping in was nice! Arnold and I got ready then went to get some breakfast at Burger King. While we were in the van that day I let Arnold listen to "his music." I had gotten him two new cds for Father's Day, so he decided to listen to them. Eventually we made it over to Mom and Dad's and had lunch with them. Mom and Dad cooked ribs (dad and Arnold's favorites!) and I mostly just ate sides because I DO NOT eat meat on a bone!!!! We had a good time hanging out on the deck talking. We gave my dad an El Paso giftcard because he loves that place, and he loved the fish canvas the kids made him! After visiting for awhile we went by Arnold's parents house to see his dad and give him his gift. Then we went home and rested for the rest of the afternoon. That night we ate leftover pizza from Rachel's party. Not the most extravagant Father's Day meal, but it was quick and easy!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! :)

The guys checking out guitars

Waiting for dinner. At least we didn't have to wait long!

Matt and I at dinner. He is like a big brother to me!

At the movies. Arnold is pointing at Channing, picking on me!

Ready to open gifts. I loved the wrapping paper!

He wanted new hiking boots! He is being silly!

New Allman Brothers and Kenny Wayne Shepard cds.

New guitar shirt.

Visiting dad on Sunday

The kids with their wonderful Pop Pop!

Me and my honey!

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