Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~We got pretty good news at Brooke's appt this past week. It is a long story and I will probably write another blog about it soon. Thanks for everyone's prayers and support during all this!

~Saturday we went to celebrate my friend's daughter's birthday. Stella was turning 3 and had her bday party at a local airplane museum. It was really neat.. we got to look around at things and go outside and see planes. One of them let you walk up steps and look inside. Inside they had snacks, cupcakes, lots of balloons and fun stuff. Cute chocolate airplane suckers to eat and favors to take, including kits to make an airplane! They even had "adult favors" which were little airplane bottles of liquor ;)

~Sunday we worked HARD on cleaning the house, and it's about as clean as it's ever been! Arnold recently cleaned the living room carpet, so that looked great. We did all the dishes and laundry, Arnold swept and mopped, we vaccuumed, put away toys, changed sheets, and all that good stuff. I wish the house stayed that clean all the time!

~I worked HARD on the girls' room yesterday. Cleaned out their closet (most of it anyway), their toy box, and bookshelves. I got rid of a lot of things. And found a lot of things they had been missing (imagine that!) Now I really need to work on the top shelf of the closet and pack away special things, like baby blankets. They have been there all that time taking up space!

~I am trying to win a contest to win Skynyrd tickets! I usually go every year but this year Arnold got me tickets to another concert, so I couldn't really spend the money to go to that one too. You go on this site and win points every day for doing stuff like watching videos, listening to songs, sharing stuff on FB, etc. So if I send you something on FB, I'm sorry, but I'd really love to win! I'm currently in 7th place and that's pretty good!

~Speaking of concert tickets, Arnold surprised me with Dave Matthews tickets for my birthday!!! We had talked about maybe going, but the tickets were expensive, so I kinda thought not. But Arnold got them and emailed me the confirmation. We are going on July 22nd. We even already have his parents set up to watch the kids over night. I am so excited! It will be such a fun night with my hubby! :)

~The deposit we paid for Rachel's birthday party FINALLY came in the mail. Thank goodness! Could have used that money last week though! Sheesh.

~I've enjoyed sitting outside in my new chair Arnold got me, watching the kids play. I've gotten a lot of reading done like that, too. I finished "Wedding Night" by Sophie Kinsella yesterday. It was pretty good.

~I just finished episode 11 of Orange is the New Black.. which means I only have 2 left! I am trying to space them out because I will be sad when the season is over! I never thought i'd like a show like that. I don't like the inappropriate scenes very much, but I love the storylines and seeing what happens next.

~Only 2 more days till the weekend! I am so excited because I am celebrating my birthday! Friday night I'm going to dinner with friends, and hopefully to the movie afterwards. Saturday morning mom and I are going to have some girl time together! And Sunday evening mom is making me her famous homemade lasagna, which she does every year! We also have a friend's wedding to go to Saturday evening! Can't wait!

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