Monday, June 16, 2014

Rachel's Lalaloopsy Bash!

Saturday we had the big Lalaloopsy bash to celebrate Rachel's 5th birthday! Don't you hate how you plan for months for something and then in a flash it is over?! I got to the park around 8:30am to set up.. I was there for 2 1/2 hours BEFORE the party started... but I got everything done! I had been praying all week long for good weather, and that morning we woke up to sunny skies! It was perfect outside! Unfortunately a few families weren't able to join us because of sickness or what not, but we still had a pretty great turnout! I loved having the building indoors to have the food and cake, and when people wanted to rest they could sit there in the air conditioning. The kids seemed to have a great time running around and playing together. Even Brooke had a few of her friends from school get to come hang out with her. 

I was stressed all morning and afraid something would go wrong, but the worst thing that happened was we ran out of sweet tea! I told Arnold he should have gotten more! ;) The cake was DELICIOUS.. my friend Chasity really did an amazing job on it! We have been eating leftovers ever since the party was over! When it was time for everyone to sing to Rachel, she got really, really shy and stuck her face in my dress... poor girl! But she warmed up to things later, I think. She even told everyone "Thank you" for coming to her party, and for her presents. She got some pretty great gifts.. including dresses, bows, sandals, pjs, baby dolls, books, and cash! She loved getting her very own money.. she ended up with $61 total! As soon as she saw it she said "give me that money-- I want to go shopping!" Haha, Arnold said she was "just like her Mama" ;) 

We had a pinata and that was probably the biggest hit of the party.. all the kids got 2 turns each, and no one could bust it open, so Arnold ended up letting all the candy out, and the kids went wild ;) We had a cute favor bar set up with things people could take with them when they left, and some bookmarks to make as a craft. One of my friends who had a baby just THREE weeks ago came, and let me hold her new baby boy, so I was in heaven! At the end of the party we had 5 pizzas leftover (at least we didn't run out!) so we sent a few home with friends and took the rest home for leftovers. A few friends were sweet enough to stick around and help us clean up afterwards and pack the stuff up in our cars. If everything checks out we get our deposit back, so that is awesome! It was one of my favorite parties we have done to date! Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!! :)

Check out some of the pictures from the party.. to see more of the details. These were taken by my friend, Erika. She got some amazing shots and I can't thank her enough for the memories! :)

Button suckers I made

Pink and purple paper straws for the drinks.. a cute little detail!

Pixi stick balloons! My friends helped me make these.

The favor table set up with goodies to take home.

Arnold made this for people to sign! He is quite the artist!

The amazing cake, made by my friend Chasity! It was delicious, and just how I had imagined it!

Rachel blowing out her candles!

A quick family pic in front of the cake.

Love this pic of Rachel with her Grandma and Pop Pop!

getting ready to open up her presents.

My friend Melissa made Rachel a bow holder and some homemade bows! So cute!

most of the kids at the party!

Love Rachel's custom birthday shirt that she wore!

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