Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Connor is here! :)

My friend Crystin just had her baby boy last Saturday! His name is Connor and he is such a cutie! She had come over to our house Thurs. morning for a playdate (she has an older daughter, Camryn) and we were talking about when he might come.. and we were joking when she left that she could have him now, that we finally got our playdate in (we had been planning to have one forever-- and i wanted to give her her shower gift also since i wasnt able to make it to the shower). Well, then she told me she went into labor Friday night and had him Saturday.. so that was fast! :)

Anyway, sunday i really wanted to go to the hospital and see her and the baby. I was afraid I wasnt going to make it up there because Arnold had a band practice that afternoon. So we decided to drop the kids off at church with their grandparents and go on up to the hospital. We usually dont skip church but I wanted to go meet the new little baby so bad! :)

So we got up there around 11 and I got to hold him for awhile. Arnold joked that I shouldnt hold him, because id get baby fever. The last time i held a new baby (my nephew Carter) I ended up getting pregnant with Rachel just 2 months later :-P It was so sweet to hold him though, even though Rachel is still a baby, she is HUGE compared to a little newborn! I could have held him all day! :) Rachel went with us to the hospital and she didnt seem too interested, haha. At least she wasnt jealous!

Anyway, after that we decided to take advantage of just being out with one kid, so we went to grab some lunch, then went to Ross' and Michaels. Im glad i went b/c I found some great party favors for Brookes Hello Kitty party. Yes i know its not till Aug and i plan waaay too far ahead, but I just like to buy things i find along the way! :)

Congratulations again Crystin!! :)

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