Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy but fun Weekend :)

Friday evening arnold had a band practice to go to, so I invited 2 of my good friends over to the house to hang out. They came over around 6.. we had some snack foods, and watched FRIENDS.. haha. Then we looked thru some Avon stuff that Jackie brought over. They didnt bring their kids this time, so it was just my kids. Brooke was so cute, she asked me where Logan was (thats Joannes son) She just loves him :) Anyway, we had a good evening. It had been such a long time since we'd hung out. I cant wait to do it again. When Arnold got home, he brought us home some Village Inn Pizza for dinner.. I already had the kids in bed and we were planning on having a little "date" but Arnold was so tired that he fell asleep snoring on the couch! haha. So i just went on ahead to bed.
Saturday morning we all got up and got ready, and headed to this Methodist Church in Hickory... they were doing an MS walk and Arnolds band was supposed to play inside the church after the walk when they had their lunch for the walkers. The kids and I went ahead up there early when Arnold had to be there, and we played on the playground while the band got everything set up. They should have been asked to play earlier, because the walkers were already inside eating and almost done by the time the band started. I felt so bad for them because after just a few songs mostly everyone was gone because they had finished eating. So they didnt even get to play their whole set list. There at the end it was only me, the kids, Arnolds Uncle Gene, Arnolds dad, and a few other band members' wives and kids left. LOL but the kids LOVED seeing their daddy on stage. They clapped and cheered after every song, it was so cute :) The lady asked the band if theyd come back next year-- i think thats a negative-- they were all upset they didnt get to play their whole setlist and that the lady had gotten the times wrong so they were basically playing to not much of a crowd at all... and felt like they had put in a lot of practice for nothing. but oh well.
After that we went to lunch and came home to let Rachel take a nap. We were supposed to go to a birthday party that afternoon but we were all exhausted and we all ended up falling asleep, even Arnold and I.. and didnt wake up till 4! So needless to say we missed the party.
That evening we dropped the kids off at their Grandparent's house and went out for ahwhile. We went to Party City and picked up some more things for Rachels birthday party. They had Buy one Get one free in big packs of party cups and i found hot pink and lime green ones, the colors we are doing for her party, so i was excited! I told Arnold its sad when i get excited over cups :-P Then we went to Babies R us to get Rachel her own first toothbrush! She now has 6 teeth! :) Then we went to the Mall to eat and walk around. We ate at Subway... Great Steak closed down, i was sooo sad.. thats where i always used to eat! Especially when I was pregnant w/ Rachel ;-) But oh well. Then we went to Kirklands and i found a bday present and housewarming gift for my friend Jessica. Shes moving into a new apartment next weekend. I also found something for my MIL for mothers day. Lastly we went to Hallmark to get Mothers Day cards. I got one of those singing ones for my Mom this year-- i loved what it said :)
This morning we went to church.. then out to eat at Longhorn with the inlaws. Rachel sat in a highchair and did great :) I started off the lunch great by spilling my tea all over the table! And right after that Arnold spilled Calebs milk! We dont know what in the world was wrong with us today :-P Arnold got his pants SOAKING wet so i know he was uncomfortable throughout lunch--felt bad for him. Anyway.. when we got home we played outside w/ the pups for awhile then put the kids down for a nap and Arnold and i watched a movie. Then we both fell asleep. LOL we've gotten a lot of naps in this weekend.
So all in all it was a great weekend! BUSY but fun. Next weekend should be the same way!

The kids Friday Night

Joanne and I friday night :)

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