Sunday, April 25, 2010

*Rachel is 10 Months!*

We had a little cake the day she turned 10 Months :-P

Last week Rachel turned 10 months! Wow... 2 more to go until her big 1st Birthday! Makes me excited and sad at the same time.

Shes really getting around these days-- she tries to hard to crawl... she actually DOES move across the floor, but its more like scooting. She just likes to do it her way ;-)

She has an appt in about 2 weeks... they wanted to do a re-check on her and see if she was pulling up/standing up yet... so far, not looking good. We try with her, but she seems to have no interest to stand up. Im not sure if its because of her weight (shes 21 lbs, a pretty big baby LOL) or if shes just being lazy or what. Im sure its nothing serious. They said they hoped shed hit that milestone soon or they wanted to send her to a specialist. But we REALLY dont want her to have to go to one. We're pretty sure shes just taking her own sweet time. Both Brooke and Caleb were late on standing/walking... so I think its just all in the family ;-)

She also LOVES eating.. just about anything we give her. If your plate is anywhere in her path-- watch out! My mom let her try some pineapple the other day and she went crazy. Shes so cute-- if its something she likes she goes MMMMMM! :)

Anyway, im still planning away for her birthday party in June! I already bought the invitations the other night and started working on them ;-)

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