Monday, April 26, 2010

Oreo and Pepper!

I forgot to write about this a few weeks ago, so i will now.

My friend told me about these 2 pups being abandoned in her neighborhood. Her neighbor called the Humane Society and they said theyd be by to pick them up that evening. But... they said they were very packed, and they were only taking the cutest dogs that would for sure get adopted, so they would have to put the puppies to sleep :( So she was trying to find a home for them as soon as possible.

Of course when i heard that it broke my heart. Ive been asking Arnold for a dog forever but we've been waiting until the time was right. I was pretty sure hed say no but i decided to call him at work anyway, just in case.. and he agreed to take them! He said we would take both.. and keep one, and try to find a home for the other one.

So that evening we went to Target in Hickory and met up w/ Katie and her husband to pick up the pups. They went straight into the van and made themselves at home! They were so friendly! They ran around the van licking the kids and were so happy, it was so cute :) They even reached over and gave Rachel a "kiss." :) One of the dogs ran up to Arnold and sat beside him on the way home-- i think they bonded :) On the way home we went by the store to buy them some things they needed... we hadnt had time before since it was so last-minute.

The kids LOVE the puppies. Brooke named them Oreo and Pepper. The only problem is that for some reason when the 2 of them get together they fight.. I dont know its a jealousy or dominance thing or what. It also could be the fact that they havent gotten fixed yet-- we need to get that taken care of soon. But anyway.. we have to keep them seperated b/c of that. But other than that they are friendly as can be. They love everyone who comes over and gives them attention :) They are so funny outside.. when we let them loose to run around Pepper usually goes straight towards Caleb and knocks him right down... poor Caleb screams... its so funny-- I know thats mean to say isnt it?! But he just wants to play!

So anyway, we have one in a kennel right now and one just chained in the yard.. and we are sure to give them plenty of time to run around during the day and stuff.. but we just unfortunately cant let them be together right now. We're pretty much attached to both of them at this point and want to keep both. As long as we can get them to calm down and get alone we are planning on keeping both. When Arnold gets his bonus check we have plans to fence in the backyard so theyll have room to run and itll be good for the kids to have that area too, and be safe.



Licking Rachel :)


  1. Aww! How sweet! I love your blog! It makes me want to start updating mine more often too! :-)

  2. They are so cute!! I bet the kids do love having them! Once they get fixed they should calm down! You guys are so awesome for rescueing them!! And putting a fence up! You go girl!! Only taking the cute ones?! I think these guys are adorable! I wish we could save them all!