Friday, April 30, 2010

Money money money!!

Well yesterday was an awesome day for us money-wise, haha. Arnold gets 2 bonus checks a year, one in April, one in October. He got his April check yesterday! I was so excited b/c theres been a lot of things we've been wanting to get done. Then i went to the mailbox yesterday afternoon and imagine what i found??? Our State Refund check! We had been waiting on that thing FOREVER.. it took 12 weeks this time to get it, as opposed to the 6 weeks it usually takes. What are the odds wed get both checks in the same day?? Just thought that was really cool :)

Anyway, we had already made out plans for the money. We really want to put up fencing in the backyard for the dogs and kids to have a place to run around, and be safe. We've been talking about doing this for a LONG time, so im glad we're finally getting started! Arnold was out measuring the other day so i think all we have to do now is go buy the materials and get started! Some of the money is going to Rachels' birthday party fund.. cant believe its coming up in another month and a half! We have a BIG BASH planned, and i cant wait. Its my last baby's 1st birthday, so its gonna be big and special ;-) Then we also need to pay for a plumber to come out here, because our washing machine occasionally leaks... well its a pipe thats messed up but sometimes we arent able to wash clothes because of it so its about time it was fixed! And lastly, we want to buy Skynyrd Tickets,because they are coming to Charlotte on June 19th and everyone knows I have to go every year ;-) ESPECIALLY since i wasnt able to go last year because I was in the hospital! :( Its good to get stuff done, but its also sad to see the money go. After we had split the money up into envelopes it was basically gone :(

Anyway, last night we went out shopping because we needed a bunch of stuff for the dogs-- some new collars, bowls (which they had eaten/destroyed both) and got them some new toys and treats... which they loved :) I also had to pick up a bunch of stuff for a babyshower that Im throwing for my friend on Sunday. It was fun to go out shopping for the evening :)

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