Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Mom is Ok!!! :)

I havent been talking about this much publicly because we have been worried and didnt know the outcome, but now i can talk about it!!

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2003. Shes been in remission for years now, taking her meds, and doing pretty well. Then a few months ago she had some tests come back with elevated white bloodcell counts, so they were a little worried. They did another test on her a few weeks later and it was even higher. So they were worried that the cancer might be coming back. So they decided to do a PET scan to take a thorough look and see if any cancer was in her body, and where. Then the next day Dad and her went into the Drs office to get the results.

The results-- MY MOM IS CANCER-FREE!!!! God is so good! We had so many people praying for her for several weeks and i am just so relieved she is ok. It was a hard several weeks waiting on the news-- waiting is always the hardest part. The night she told me she had to have a PET scan I just sat out in my car and cried... I just didnt want to think of anything bad to come!

Anyway, they think now her levels were high b/c she has been sick with sinus infections for months now... the pollen is so bad this year, and so it makes sense. Also, her protein levels were high, so they are running some more tests for that.. but as for the major stuff shes ok!!!! :)

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